Deployment Acceleration tools in Azure

Deployment Acceleration is one of the Five Disciplines of Cloud Governance. This discipline focuses on ways of establishing policies to govern asset configuration or deployment. Within the Five Disciplines of Cloud Governance, the Deployment Acceleration discipline involves deployment and configuration alignment. This could be through manual activities or fully automated DevOps activities. In either case, the policies involved would remain largely the same.

Cloud custodians, cloud guardians, and cloud architects with an interest in governance are each likely to invest a lot of time in the Deployment Acceleration discipline, which codifies policies and requirements across multiple cloud adoption efforts. The tools in this toolchain are important to the cloud governance team and should be a high priority on the learning path for the team.

The following is a list of Azure tools that can help mature the policies and processes that support this governance discipline.

Azure Policy Azure Management Groups Azure Resource Manager Azure Blueprints Azure Resource Graph Azure Cost Management
Implement corporate policies Yes No No No No No
Apply policies across subscriptions Required Yes No No No No
Deploy defined resources No No Yes No No No
Create fully compliant environments Required Required Required Yes No No
Audit policies Yes No No No No No
Query Azure resources No No No No Yes No
Report on cost of resources No No No No No Yes

The following are additional tools that may be required to accomplish specific Deployment Acceleration objectives. Often these tools are used outside of the governance team, but are still considered an aspect of Deployment Acceleration as a discipline.

Azure portal Azure Resource Manager Azure Policy Azure DevOps Azure Backup Azure Site Recovery
Manual deployment (single asset) Yes Yes No Not efficiently No Yes
Manual deployment (full environment) Not efficiently Yes No Not efficiently No Yes
Automated deployment (full environment) No Yes No Yes No Yes
Update configuration of a single asset Yes Yes Not efficiently Not efficiently No Yes - during replication
Update configuration of a full environment Not efficiently Yes Yes Yes No Yes - during replication
Manage configuration drift Not efficiently Not efficiently Yes Yes No Yes - during replication
Create an automated pipeline to deploy code and configure assets (DevOps) No No No Yes No No

Aside from the Azure native tools mentioned above, it is common for customers to use third-party tools to facilitate Deployment Acceleration and DevOps deployments.