Bing Custom Search - Free Preview

Bing Custom Search empowers businesses of any size, hobbyists, developers, and entrepreneurs to create tailored search experiences for intents and topics that they really care about. To create a custom search service, follow these three steps:

  1. Sign-up to the Custom Search Portal to build your custom search service
  2. Publish your custom search service
  3. Integrate your search service into an application endpoint

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Use cases

Bing Custom Search allows you to build, for example, site search or topical search services. You can programmatically retrieve your custom results via Bing Web Search API, using a customconfig parameter. Bing Web Search API returns a JSON file with the customized results. You can then integrate these results into many search endpoint applications. For example, you can show them on private websites, or public websites, in a blog, or in an app.

Free subscription keys

Upon sign-up, you are granted a free Azure subscription key.

Supported Markets And Languages

  • You decide which sites to search over. In this sense, Bing Custom Search is market and language agnostic.
  • The built-in feature that suggests additional slices of the web for your search are English-sites only.

Needs beyond free trial quota

Bing Custom Search is in free preview. Check the pricing overview for further information on currently available features and quota. If your search needs go beyond the quota of Bing Custom Search Free Preview, email

Next Steps

  1. Learn more about application areas
  2. Create a custom search service
  3. Retrieve custom search results programmatically