Content moderation is the process of monitoring User Generated Content (UGC) on online and social media web sites, chat and messaging platforms, and peer communication platforms to track, flag, assess and filter out offensive and unwanted content that creates risks for businesses. The content can include text, images, and videos.

Where would you use it

Content moderation for all three types of content has several benefits.They are

  • Image moderation works great for profile pictures, social media, business documents, and image sharing sites.
  • Text moderation benefits communities, family-based web sites, in-game communities, chat and messaging platforms, and user-generated content marketing.
  • Video moderation is used for video publishing sites, news sites, and video content sites, to take a few examples.

Three ways to moderate content

  • Automated moderation applies machine learning and AI to cost-effectively moderate at scale
  • Human moderation uses teams and the community to moderate all content.
  • Hybrid moderation combines automated moderation augmented by the human-in-the-loop (human oversight).

Microsoft Content Moderator enables all three scenarios.

Get started with the human review tool

The online human review tool makes it easy to try the automated moderation APIs. It helps augment automated moderation with human-in-the-loop capabilities. It internally calls the automated moderation APIs and make the reviews available right within your web browser. You can invite other users, track pending invites, and assign permissions to your team members.

Use the review API to auto-moderate content in bulk and review the tagged images or text within the review tool. Provide your API callback point so that you get notified when the reviewers submit their decisions. This allows you to automate the post-review workflow by integrating with your own systems.

Directly use the automated moderation APIs

You can sign up for the free tiers of text moderation and image moderation APIs and apply to use the private preview of the video moderation APIs to automatically moderate large amount of content and integrate with your review tools and processes.