What is Content Moderator?

Content moderation is the process of monitoring for possible offensive, undesirable, and risky content. The moderated content can be images, text, and videos.

Where it is used

The following list shows a few example scenarios where Content Moderator is used:

  • Online marketplaces moderating product catalogs and user generated content
  • Gaming companies moderating user generated game artifacts and chat rooms
  • Social messaging platform moderating images, text, and videos added by their users
  • Enterprise media companies implementing centralized content moderation for their content
  • K-12 education solution providers filtering bad and offensive content for students and educators

What it includes

Content Moderator consists of several web service APIs and a built-in human-in-the-loop review tool that help moderate images, text, and videos.

Content Moderator block diagram


Content Moderator includes the following APIs:

  • Text moderation API: Use this API to scan text for possible profanity, explicit, suggestive, offensive, and personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Custom term list API: Use this API to match against custom lists of terms in addition to the built-in terms. Use these lists to block or allow content as per your content policies.
  • Image moderation API: Use this API to scan images for adult and racy content, detect text in images with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability, and detect faces.
  • Custom image list API: Use this API to match against custom lists of images, pre-identified content that you don’t need to classify again.
  • Video moderation API: Use this API to scan videos for potential adult and racy content.
  • Review APIs: Use the Jobs, Reviews, and Workflow operations to create and automate human-in-the-loop workflows within the review tool.

Human review tool

Your Content Moderator subscription includes the built-in human review tool. Use the previously mentioned Review API to create reviews of text, images, and videos for your human moderators to take final decisions.

Content Moderator video review tool

Next steps

Use the Quickstart to get started with Content Moderator.