Content moderation reviews, workflows, and jobs

Content Moderator combines machine-assisted moderation with human-in-the-loop capabilities to create an optimal moderation process for real-world scenarios. It does this through the cloud-based Review tool. In this guide, you will learn about the core concepts of the Review tool: reviews, workflows, and jobs.


In a review, content is uploaded to the Review tool and appears under the Review tab. From here, users can alter the applied tags and apply their own custom tags as appropriate. When a user submits a review, the results are sent to a specified callback endpoint, and the content is removed from the site.

Review tool website open in a browser, on the Review tab

See the Review tool guide to get started creating reviews, or see the REST API guide to learn how to do so programmatically.


A workflow is a cloud-based customized filter for content. Workflows can connect to a variety of services to filter content in different ways and then take the appropriate action. With the Content Moderator connector, a workflow can automatically apply moderation tags and create reviews with submitted content.

View workflows

To view your existing workflows, go to the Review tool and select Settings > Workflows.

Default workflow

Workflows can be completely described as JSON strings, which makes them accessible programmatically. If you select the Edit option for your workflow and then select the JSON tab, you'll see a JSON expression like the following:

    "Type": "Logic",
    "If": {
        "ConnectorName": "moderator",
        "OutputName": "isAdult",
        "Operator": "eq",
        "Value": "true",
        "Type": "Condition"
    "Then": {
    "Perform": [
        "Name": "createreview",
        "CallbackEndpoint": null,
        "Tags": []
    "Type": "Actions"

See the Review tool guide to get started creating and using workflows, or see the REST API guide to learn how to do so programmatically.


A moderation job serves as a kind of wrapper for the functionality of content moderation, workflows and reviews. The job scans your content using the Content Moderator image moderation API or text moderation API and then checks it against the designated workflow. Based on the workflow results, it may or may not create a review for the content in the Review tool. While both reviews and workflows can be created and configured with their respective APIs, the job API allows you to obtain a detailed report of the entire process (which can be sent to a specified callback endpoint).

See the REST API guide to get started using jobs.

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