Add Chit-chat to a knowledge base

Adding chit-chat to your bot makes it more conversational and engaging. The chit-chat feature in QnA maker allows you to easily add a pre-populated set of the top chit-chat, into your knowledge base (KB). This can be a starting point for your bot's personality, and it will save you the time and cost of writing them from scratch.

This dataset has about 100 scenarios of chit-chat in the voice of three personas - The Professional, The Friend, The Comic. Choose the persona that most closely resembles your bot's voice. Given a user query, QnA Maker tries to match it with the closest known chit-chat QnA.

Some examples of the different personalities:

User query The Professional The Friend The Comic
You are awesome I aim to serve. That's so nice of you! Flattery. I like it.
Are you hungry? I don't need to eat. I only do food for thought. Eating would require a lot of things I don't have. Like a digestive system. And silverware.
Sing a song I'm afraid I'm not musically inclined. La la la, tra la la. I'm awesome at this. You can't handle my dulcet tones.
Will you marry me? I think it's best if we stick to a professional relationship. Aw, that's sweet. Sure. Take me to city hall. See what happens.


Chit-chat support is currently available in English only.

Add chit-chat during KB creation

During knowledge base creation, after adding your source URLs and files, there is an option for adding chit-chat. Choose the personality that you want as your chit-chat base. If you do not want to add chit-chat, or if you already have chit-chat support in your data sources, choose None.

Add chit-chat during create

Add Chit-chat to an existing KB

Select your KB, and navigate to the Settings page. There is a link to all the chit-chat datasets in the appropriate .tsv format. Download the personality you want, then upload it as a file source. Make sure not to edit the format or the metadata when you download and upload the file.

Add chit-chat to existing KB

Edit your chit-chat questions and answers

When you edit your KB, you will see a new source for chit-chat, based on the personality you selected. You can now add altered questions or edit the responses, just like with any other source.

Edit chit-chat QnAs

Add additional chit-chat questions and answers

You can add new chit-chat QnA that is not in the predefined set. Ensure that you are not duplicating a QnA pair that is already covered in the chit-chat set. When you add any new chit-chat QnA, it gets added to your Editorial source. To ensure the ranker understands that this is chit-chat, add the metadata key/value pair "Editorial: chit-chat", as seen in the following image:

Add chit-chat QnAs

Delete chit-chat from an existing KB

Select your KB, and navigate to the Settings page. Your specific chit-chat source is listed as a file, with the selected personality name. You can delete this as a source file.

Delete chit-chat from KB

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