Create and manage records in Dynamics 365 by using Azure Logic Apps

Dynamics 365 uses the Common Data Service. For connections to Dynamics 365, use the Common Data Service connector.


The Dynamics 365 connector is deprecated, but continues to work until removed. Do not use the Dynamics 365 connector for new logic apps. No timeline is yet announced for removing the Dynamics 365 connector. You're not required to convert existing logic apps to the Common Data Service connector or other planned new connector, but you need convert your logic apps when the connector is removed. For more information, see Dynamics 365 Connector is deprecated.

The Common Data Service connector provides the same capabilities as the deprecated Dynamics 365 connector, but includes improvements that increase reliability. For information about using the Common Data Service connector in logic apps, see Create and manage Common Data Service records by using Azure Logic Apps.

For more information about Common Data Service, see these topics: