Monitor jobs in Azure Data Lake Analytics using the Azure Portal

To see all the jobs

  1. From the Azure portal, click Microsoft Azure in the upper left corner.

  2. Click the tile with your Data Lake Analytics account name. The job summary is shown on the Job Management tile.

    Azure Data Lake Analytics job management

    The job Management gives you a glance of the job status. Notice there is a failed job.

  3. Click the Job Management tile to see the jobs. The jobs are categorized in Running, Queued, and Ended. You shall see your failed job in the Ended section. It shall be first one in the list. When you have a lot of jobs, you can click Filter to help you to locate jobs.

    Azure Data Lake Analytics filter jobs

  4. Click the failed job from the list to open the job details:

    Azure Data Lake Analytics failed job

    Notice the Resubmit button. After you fix the problem, you can resubmit the job.

  5. Click highlighted part from the previous screenshot to open the error details. You shall see something like:

    Azure Data Lake Analytics failed job details

    It tells you the source folder is not found.

  6. Click Duplicate Script.

  7. Update the FROM path to: /Samples/Data/SearchLog.tsv

  8. Click Submit Job.

Next steps