Project-scoped feeds

Historically, all feeds used to be scoped to a organization. However, to enable public feeds and to become more consistent with the rest of Azure DevOps, feeds created through the new create feed panel will now be scoped to a project. New organization will automatically have one feed scoped to the organization, and all subsequent feeds created will be scoped to a project. All existing organization-scoped feeds will remain organization-scoped.

The differences between an organization-scoped feed and a project-scoped feed

A project-scoped feed is scoped to a project instead of an organization. Here are the main differences between the two feed types.

  • Project-scoped feeds will always use the visibility of the project. If a project is public, so is the feed and if the project is private, the feed will also be private. Organization-scoped feeds will always be private.

  • The URL of a project-scoped feed will include the project where organization-scoped feed URL won't.

    • Project-scoped feed:

    • Organization-scoped feed:

  • All organization-scoped feeds will show up in the feed list of the Artifacts feed UI. To see a project-scoped feed in the list you have to be navigated to the project the feed is scoped to.

  • All new feeds are recommended to be project-scoped, therefore, creating a new feed through the new create feed panel will always create a project-scoped feed.

What can I do if I'm concerned about my project-scoped feed's visibility

There is an option to not allow public projects in an organization. It can be set under Security policies in Organization Policy Settings. If you're concerned that your project will be turned public in the future and you want to have a feed that will be remain private, you can use the automatically created organization-scoped feed for that purpose. Alternatively, you may use the Create Feed API to manually create a new organization-scoped feed. Note that you will have to set some default permissions for the new feed manually as well. Feed Permission API. Creating new organization-scoped feeds is not recommended.