Change connection to Azure AD

Azure DevOps Services

If you need to switch your organization connection from one Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to another, complete the following steps.

For more information about using Azure AD with Azure DevOps, see the Conceptual overview.


  • Before you disconnect your organization from your directory, make sure to change the organization Owner to a Microsoft account and not to a school or work account. You can't sign in to your organization unless your work or school account has the same email address as your Microsoft account.
  • Add your Microsoft account to the Project Collection Administrator group in Organization settings and confirm that you have Global Administrator Permissions in your Azure AD for your Microsoft account. You need both because Azure AD users can't disconnect organizations from directories. You can add Microsoft accounts to a directory as external users.
  • Ensure that you exist in Azure AD as a member. For more information, see how you can convert an Azure AD guest into a member.


    If you want to connect your organization to a different Azure Active Directory at any time, ensure that any connected organizations are disconnected from the original directory BEFORE you delete that directory. Once a new directory is established, connect your organization to the new directory so users can regain access. Learn more about connecting your organization to Azure AD.

  • Inform users of the upcoming change. There's no downtime during this change, but users are affected. Let them know before you begin that there's a short series of steps to complete. As your company transitions from Microsoft account (MSA) to Azure AD identities, your users' benefits continue with their new identity, as long as their emails match.
  • Delete unwanted users from your organization. For example, you can remove a user who left the company and is no longer an employee.

Change the Azure AD connection

  1. Sign in to your organization ({yourorganization}).

  2. Select gear icon Organization settings.

    Open Organization settings

  3. Select Disconnect directory.

    Select the Disconnect directory button

  4. Sign out, and then sign back in to Azure DevOps.

  5. Prepare your mapping list for inviting users to Azure AD.

    1. Sign in to your organization ({yourorganization}).

    2. Select gear icon Organization settings.

      Open Organization settings

    3. Select Users.

      Open organization settings, users

    4. Compare your Azure DevOps email list with your Azure AD email list. Create an Azure AD email address entry for every user who is in the Azure DevOps organization and NOT in the Azure AD. For any user that you don't create an Azure AD email address for, be prepared to invite these users as guests to the Azure AD in future steps.

  6. Connect to Azure AD, so users can regain access.

    Select Azure AD Connect directory