Switch to another Azure Active Directory

Azure DevOps Services

If you need to switch your organization connection from one Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to another, complete the following steps.

For more information about using Azure AD with Azure DevOps, see the Conceptual overview.


Before you switch your organization directory, make sure the following is true:

  • You're in the Project Collection Administrator group (in Organization settings) for the organization
  • You're in the source Azure AD and destination Azure AD as a member. For more information, see how you can convert an Azure AD guest into a member.

Change the Azure AD connection

  1. Sign in to your organization (https://dev.azure.com/{yourorganization}).

  2. Select gear icon Organization settings.

    Open Organization settings

  3. Select Azure Active Directory, and then Switch directory.

    Select Switch directory button

  4. Select a directory from the dropdown menu, and then select Connect.

    Select your Azure AD, and then Connect If you can't find your directory, contact your Azure AD administrator and request that they add you as a member to the Azure AD.

  5. Select Sign out.

    Connect success dialog - select Sign out

    Your organization is now connected to your Azure AD.

  6. Confirm that the process is complete. Sign out, and then open your browser in a private session and sign in to your organization with your Azure AD or work credentials.

  7. If you have disconnected members, sign back in to Azure DevOps and map them to their Azure AD identities or invite them as guests into the Azure AD. See the FAQ for further information.

    Select Resolve to invite unmapped users

    Mapping disconnected users