Recover your deleted organization in Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Services

After you delete your organization, it's disabled but available for 28 days. If you change your mind during this time, you can recover your organization. After 28 days, your organization and data are permanently deleted.


Recover organization

  1. Sign in to your Visual Studio profile.

    Why am I asked to choose between my work or school account and my personal account?

  2. On your profile page, go to the lower Organizations Pending Deletion section, and then select Restore.

    Restore your deleted organization

  3. In the resulting popup, select Restore to confirm.

    • If your organization URL is still available, you can restore it.

      Confirm restoration of your organization

    • If your organization URL isn't available, provide a new URL, and then select Restore.

  4. After you restore your organization, do the following tasks:

    • If billing was previously set up for your organization, you have to set it up again. Relink your organization to an Azure subscription.
    • If your organization was connected to Azure Active Directory for authenticating user access, you don't have to reconnect it.