Set up billing

Azure DevOps Services

Set up billing in Azure DevOps before you make purchases. That way, you have it in place once you're ready to buy. You only need to set up billing once for your organization.

All services are billed via Azure. You're not required to use any other Azure services.


To estimate costs for Azure DevOps, see the Pricing calculator or the Azure DevOps pricing page.



The Azure Free Trial isn't supported.

Set up billing for your organization


A user interface limitation prevents the subscription picker from displaying more than 50 subscriptions. If your user account has access to more than 50 subscriptions and the target subscription you want to change the billing for isn't visible, you can create a new user account. Grant the account Owner/Contributor rights to the target subscription and administrative privileges to the Azure DevOps organization. Use the new account to link the organization to the target subscription.

  1. Sign in to your organization ({yourorganization}).

  2. Select gear icon Organization settings.

    Open Organization settings

  3. Select Billing.

    Select Billing from Organization settings

  4. Select Set up billing.

    Select Set up billing

  5. Select your Azure subscription, and then select Save.

    Select your Azure subscription

Billing is set up for your Azure DevOps organization.

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