Connect to on-premises file systems from logic apps with the File System connector

To manage data and securely access on-premises resources, your logic apps can use the on-premises data gateway. This article shows how you can connect to a file system on premises through this basic example scenario: copy a file that's uploaded to Dropbox to a file share, then send an email.


Add trigger and actions for connecting to your file system

  1. Create a blank logic app. Add this trigger as the first step: Dropbox - When a file is created

  2. Under the trigger, choose + Next step > Add an action.

  3. In the search box, enter "file system" as your filter. When you see all the actions for the File System connector, choose the File System - Create file action.

    Search for file connector

  4. If you don't already have a connection to your file system, you're prompted to create a connection.

  5. Select Connect via on-premises data gateway. When the connection properties appear, set up your connection as specified in the table.

    Configure connection

    Setting Description
    Root folder Specify the root folder for your file system. You can specify a local folder on the machine where the on-premises data gateway is installed, or the folder can be a network share that the machine can access.

    Tip: The root folder is the main parent folder, which is used for relative paths for all file-related actions.

    Authentication type The type of authentication that's used by your file system
    Username Provide your username {domain\username} for your previously installed gateway.
    Password Provide your password for your previously installed gateway.
    Gateway Select your previously installed gateway.
  6. After you provide all the connection details, choose Create.

    Logic Apps configures and tests your connection, making sure that the connection works properly. If the connection is set up correctly, options appear for the action that you previously selected. The file system connector is now ready for use.

  7. Set up the Create file action for copying files from Dropbox to the root folder for your on-premises file share.

    Create file action

  8. After this action for copying the file, add an Outlook action that sends an email so that relevant users know about the new file. Enter the recipients, title, and body of the email.

    In the Dynamic content list, you can choose data outputs from the file connector so you can add more details to the email.

    Send email action

  9. Save your logic app. Test your app by uploading a file to Dropbox. The file should get copied to the on-premises file share, and you should receive an email about the operation.

Congratulations, you now have a working logic app that can connect to your on-premises file system.

Try exploring other functionalities that the connector offers, for example:

  • Create file
  • List files in folder
  • Append file
  • Delete file
  • Get file content
  • Get file content using path
  • Get file metadata
  • Get file metadata using path
  • List files in root folder
  • Update file

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