Streaming Endpoint (Origin) errors

This topic describes errors that you may receive from the Azure Media Services Streaming Endpoint service.

400 Bad Request

The request contains invalid information and is rejected with these error codes and due to one of the following reasons:

Error code Hexadecimal value Error description
MPE_BAD_URL_SYNTAX 0x80890201 A URL syntax or format error. Examples include requests for an invalid type, an invalid fragment, or an invalid track.
MPE_ENC_ENCRYPTION_NOT_SPECIFIED_IN_URL 0x8088024C The request has no encryption tag in the URL. CMAF requests require an encryption tag in the URL. Other protocols that are configured with more than one encryption type also require the encryption tag for disambiguation.
MPE_STORAGE_BAD_URL_SYNTAX 0x808900E9 The request to storage to fulfill the request failed with a Bad Request error.

403 Forbidden

The request is not allowed due to one of the following reasons:

Error code Hexadecimal value Error description
MPE_STORAGE_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED 0x808900EA The request to storage to fulfill the request failed with an Authentication failure. This can happen if the storage keys were rotated and the service was unable to sync the storage keys.

Contact Azure support by going to Help + support in the Azure portal.
MPE_STORAGE_INSUFFICIENT_ACCOUNT_PERMISSIONS 0x808900EB Storage Operation error, access failed due to Insufficient Account Permissions.
MPE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_IS_DISABLED 0x808900EC The request to storage to fulfill the request failed because the storage account Is Disabled.
MPE_STORAGE_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE 0x808900F3 Storage Operation error, access failed due to generic errors.
MPE_OUTPUT_FORMAT_BLOCKED 0x80890207 The output format is blocked due to the configuration in the StreamingPolicy.
MPE_ENC_ENCRYPTION_REQUIRED 0x8088021E Encryption is required for the content, Delivery policy is required for the output format.
MPE_ENC_ENCRYPTION_NOT_SET_IN_DELIVERY_POLICY 0x8088024D Encryption is not set in delivery policy settings.

404 Not Found

The operation is attempting to act on a resource that no longer exists. For example, the resource may have already been deleted.

Error code Hexadecimal value Error description
MPE_EGRESS_TRACK_NOT_FOUND 0x80890209 The requested track is not found.
MPE_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND 0x808901F9 The requested resource is not found.
MPE_UNAUTHORIZED 0x80890244 The access is unauthorized.
MPE_EGRESS_TIMESTAMP_NOT_FOUND 0x8089020A The requested timestamp is not found.
MPE_EGRESS_FILTER_NOT_FOUND 0x8089020C The requested dynamic manifest filter is not found.
MPE_FRAGMENT_BY_INDEX_NOT_FOUND 0x80890252 The requested fragment index is beyond the valid range.
MPE_LIVE_MEDIA_ENTRIES_NOT_FOUND 0x80890254 Live media entries cannot be found to get moov buffer.
MPE_FRAGMENT_TIMESTAMP_NOT_FOUND 0x80890255 Unable to find the fragment at the requested time for a particular track.

Could be that the fragment isn't in storage. Try a different layer of the presentation that might have a fragment.
MPE_MANIFEST_MEDIA_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND 0x80890256 Unable to find the media entry for the requested bitrate in the manifest.

Could be that the player asked for a video track of a certain bitrate that wasn't in the manifest.
MPE_METADATA_NOT_FOUND 0x80890257 Unable to find certain metadata in the manifest or unable to find rebase from storage.
MPE_STORAGE_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND 0x808900ED Storage Operation error, resource not found.

409 Conflict

The ID provided for a resource on a PUT or POST operation has been taken by an existing resource. Use another ID for the resource to resolve this issue.

Error code Hexadecimal value Error description
MPE_STORAGE_CONFLICT  0x808900EE  Storage Operation error, conflict error. 


Error code Hexadecimal value Error description
MPE_FILTER_FORCE_END_LEFT_EDGE_CROSSED_DVR_WINDOW 0x80890263 For live streaming, when the filter that has forceEndTimestamp set to true, the start or end timestamp is outside of the current DVR window.

412 Precondition Failure

The operation specified an eTag that is different from the version available at the server, that is, an optimistic concurrency error. Retry the request after reading the latest version of the resource and updating the eTag on the request.

Error code Hexadecimal value Error description
MPE_FRAGMENT_NOT_READY 0x80890200 The requested fragment is not ready.
MPE_STORAGE_PRECONDITION_FAILED 0x808900EF Storage operation error, a precondition failure.

415 Unsupported Media Type

The payload format sent by the client is in an unsupported format.

Error code Hexadecimal value Error description
MPE_ENC_ALREADY_ENCRYPTED 0x8088021F Should not apply encryption on already encrypted content.
MPE_ENC_INVALID_INPUT_ENCRYPTION_FORMAT 0x8088021D The encryption is invalid for the input format.
MPE_INVALID_ASSET_DELIVERY_POLICY_TYPE 0x8088021C Delivery policy type is invalid.
MPE_ENC_MULTIPLE_SAME_DELIVERY_TYPE 0x8088024E The original settings could be shared by multiple output formats.
MPE_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x80890205 The media format or type is unsupported. For example, Media Services does not support quality level count that is over 64. In FLV video tag, Media Services does not support a video frame with multiple SPS and multiple PPS.
MPE_INPUT_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x80890218 The input format of asset requested is not supported. Media Services supports Smooth (live), MP4 (VoD) and Progressive download formats.
MPE_OUTPUT_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x8089020D The output format requested is not supported. Media Services supports Smooth, DASH(CSF, CMAF), HLS (v3, v4, CMAF), and Progressive download formats.
MPE_ENCRYPTION_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x80890208 Encountered unsupported encryption type.
MPE_MEDIA_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x8089020E The media type requested is not supported by the output format. The supported types are video, audio or "SUBT" subtitle.
MPE_MEDIA_ENCODING_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x8089020F The source asset media was encoded with a media format that is not compatible with the output format.
MPE_VIDEO_ENCODING_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x80890210 The source asset was encoded with a video format that is not compatible with the output format. H.264, AVC, H.265 (HEVC, hev1 or hvc1) are supported.
MPE_AUDIO_ENCODING_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x80890211 The source asset was encoded with an audio format that is not compatible with the output format. Supported audio formats are AAC, E-AC3 (DD+), Dolby DTS.
MPE_SOURCE_PROTECTION_CONVERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x80890212 The source protected asset cannot be converted to the output format.
MPE_OUTPUT_PROTECTION_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x80890213 The protection format is not supported by the output format.
MPE_INPUT_PROTECTION_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x80890219 The protection format is not supported by the input format.
MPE_INVALID_VIDEO_NAL_UNIT 0x80890231 Invalid video NAL unit, for example, only the first NAL in the sample can be an AUD.
MPE_INVALID_NALU_SIZE 0x80890260 Invalid NAL unit size.
MPE_INVALID_NALU_LENGTH_FIELD 0x80890261 Invalid NAL unit length value.
MPE_FILTER_INVALID 0x80890236 Invalid dynamic manifest filters.
MPE_FILTER_VERSION_INVALID 0x80890237 Invalid or unsupported filter versions.
MPE_FILTER_TYPE_INVALID 0x80890238 Invalid filter type.
MPE_FILTER_RANGE_ATTRIBUTE_INVALID 0x80890239 Invalid range is specified by the filter.
MPE_FILTER_TRACK_ATTRIBUTE_INVALID 0x8089023A Invalid track attribute is specified by the filter.
MPE_FILTER_PRESENTATION_WINDOW_INVALID 0x8089023B Invalid presentation window length is specified by the filter.
MPE_FILTER_LIVE_BACKOFF_INVALID 0x8089023C Invalid live back off is specified by the filter.
MPE_FILTER_MULTIPLE_SAME_TYPE_FILTERS 0x8089023D Only one absTimeInHNS element is supported in legacy filters.
MPE_FILTER_REMOVED_ALL_STREAMS 0x8089023E There is no more streams at all after applying the filters.
MPE_FILTER_LIVE_BACKOFF_OVER_DVRWINDOW 0x8089023F The live back off is beyond the DVR window.
MPE_FILTER_LIVE_BACKOFF_OVER_PRESENTATION_WINDOW 0x80890262 The live back off is greater than the presentation window.
MPE_FILTER_COMPOSITION_FILTER_COUNT_OVER_LIMIT 0x80890246 Exceeded ten (10) maximum allowed default filters.
MPE_FILTER_COMPOSITION_MULTIPLE_FIRST_QUALITY_OPERATOR_NOT_ALLOWED 0x80890248 Multiple first video quality operator is not allowed in combined request filters.
MPE_FILTER_FIRST_QUALITY_ATTRIBUTE_INVALID 0x80890249 The number of first quality bitrate attributes must be one (1).
MPE_HLS_SEGMENT_TOO_LARGE 0x80890243 HLS segment duration must smaller than one third of the DVR window and HLS back off.
MPE_KEY_FRAME_INTERVAL_TOO_LARGE 0x808901FE Fragment durations must be less than or equal to approximately 20 seconds, or the input quality levels are not time aligned.
MPE_DTS_RESERVEDBOX_EXPECTED 0x80890105 DTS-specific error, cannot find the ReservedBox when it should present in the DTSSpecficBox during DTS box parsing.
MPE_DTS_INVALID_CHANNEL_COUNT 0x80890106 DTS-specific error, no channels found in the DTSSpecficBox during DTS box parsing.
MPE_DTS_SAMPLETYPE_MISMATCH 0x80890107 DTS-specific error, sample type mismatch in the DTSSpecficBox.
MPE_DTS_MULTIASSET_DTSH_MISMATCH 0x80890108 DTS-specific error, multi-asset is set but DTSH sample type mismatch.
MPE_DTS_INVALID_CORESTREAM_SIZE 0x80890109 DTS-specific error, core stream size is invalid.
MPE_DTS_INVALID_SAMPLE_RESOLUTION 0x8089010A DTS-specific error, sample resolution is invalid.
MPE_DTS_INVALID_SUBSTREAM_INDEX 0x8089010B DTS-specific error, sub-stream extension index is invalid.
MPE_DTS_INVALID_BLOCK_NUM 0x8089010C DTS-specific error, sub-stream block number is invalid.
MPE_DTS_INVALID_SAMPLING_FREQUENCE 0x8089010D DTS-specific error, sampling frequency is invalid.
MPE_DTS_INVALID_REFCLOCKCODE 0x8089010E DTS-specific error, the reference clock code in sub-stream extension is invalid.
MPE_DTS_INVALID_SPEAKERS_REMAP 0x8089010F DTS-specific error, the number of speakers remap set is invalid.

For encryption articles and examples, see:

For filter guidance, see:

For live articles and samples, see:

416 Range Not Satisfiable

Error code Hexadecimal value Error description
MPE_STORAGE_INVALID_RANGE 0x808900F1 Storage Operation error, returned http 416 error, invalid range.

500 Internal Server Error

During the processing of the request, Media Services encounters some error that prevents the processing from continuing.

Error code Hexadecimal value Error description
MPE_STORAGE_SOCKET_TIMEOUT 0x808900F4 Received and translated from Winhttp error code of ERROR_WINHTTP_TIMEOUT (0x00002ee2).
MPE_STORAGE_SOCKET_CONNECTION_ERROR 0x808900F5 Received and translated from Winhttp error code of ERROR_WINHTTP_CONNECTION_ERROR (0x00002efe).
MPE_STORAGE_SOCKET_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED 0x808900F6 Received and translated from Winhttp error code of ERROR_WINHTTP_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED (0x00002ee7).
MPE_STORAGE_INTERNAL_ERROR 0x808900E6 Storage Operation error, general InternalError of one of HTTP 500 errors.
MPE_STORAGE_OPERATION_TIMED_OUT 0x808900E7 Storage Operation error, general OperationTimedOut of one of HTTP 500 errors.
MPE_STORAGE_FAILURE 0x808900F2 Storage Operation error, other HTTP 500 errors than InternalError or OperationTimedOut.

503 Service Unavailable

The server is currently unable to receive requests. This error may be caused by excessive requests to the service. Media Services throttling mechanism restricts the resource usage for applications that make excessive request to the service.


Check the error message and error code string to get more detailed information about the reason you got the 503 error. This error does not always mean throttling.

Error code Hexadecimal value Error description
MPE_STORAGE_SERVER_BUSY 0x808900E8 Storage Operation error, received HTTP server busy error 503.

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