How to: Get a Media Processor instance

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In Media Services a media processor is a component that handles a specific processing task, such as encoding, format conversion, encrypting, or decrypting media content. You typically create a media processor when you are creating a task to encode, encrypt, or convert the format of media content.

Azure media processors

The following topic provides lists of media processors:

Get Media Processor

The following method shows how to get a media processor instance. The code example assumes the use of a module-level variable named _context to reference the server context as described in the section How to: Connect to Media Services Programmatically.

private static IMediaProcessor GetLatestMediaProcessorByName(string mediaProcessorName)
    var processor = _context.MediaProcessors.Where(p => p.Name == mediaProcessorName).
    ToList().OrderBy(p => new Version(p.Version)).LastOrDefault();

    if (processor == null)
    throw new ArgumentException(string.Format("Unknown media processor", mediaProcessorName));

    return processor;

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Next Steps

Now that you know how to get a media processor instance, go to the How to Encode an Asset topic which will show you how to use the Media Encoder Standard to encode an asset.