What are alerts in Microsoft Azure?

This article describes what alerts are, their benefits, and how to get started with using them. It specifically applies to Azure Monitor, but provides pointers to other services.

Alerts are a method of monitoring Azure resource metrics, events, or logs and being notified when a condition you specify is met.

Alerts in different Azure services

Alerts are available across different services, including:

Visual Summary

The following diagram summarizes alerts and what you can do with them specifically in "Azure Monitor". Other actions may be available for the services listed previously. For example, currently alerts on Diagnostics Logs are only available in Log Analytics.

Alerts explained

What can trigger alerts in Azure Monitor

You can receive alerts based on:

  • Metric values: This alert triggers when the value of a specified metric crosses a threshold that you assign in either direction. That is, it triggers both when the condition is first met and then afterward when that condition is no longer being met. For a growing list of available metrics supported by Azure monitor, see List of metrics supported on Azure Monitor.
  • Activity log events: This alert can trigger when a particular event occurs on a resource, or when a service notification is posted to your subscription.

What can Metric Alerts do?

You can configure an alert to do the following actions:

  • Send email notifications to the service administrator, to co-administrators, or to additional email addresses that you specify.
  • Call a webhook, which enables you to launch additional automation actions. Examples include calling:
    • Azure Automation Runbook
    • Azure Function
    • Azure Logic App
    • a third-party service

What can Activity Log Alerts do?

You can configure an alert to do the following actions:

  • Trigger whenever a specific event occurs one of the resources under your subscription
  • Trigger whenever a service notification is posted to your subscription
  • Alert members of an action group via
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Webhook

Next steps

Get information about alert rules and configuring them by using: