Azure security best practices and patterns

We currently have the following Azure security best practices and patterns articles. Make sure to visit this site periodically to see updates to our growing list of Azure security best practices and patterns:

Azure provides a secure platform on which you can build your solutions. We also provide services and technologies to make your solutions on Azure more secure. Because of the many options available to you, many of you have voiced an interest in what Microsoft recommends as best practices and patterns for improving security.

We understand your interest and have created a collection of documents that describe things you can do, given the right context, to improve the security of Azure deployments.

In these best practices and patterns articles, we discuss a collection of best practices and useful patterns for specific topics. These best practices and patterns are derived from our experiences with these technologies and the experiences of customers like yourself.

For each best practice we strive to explain:

  • What the best practice is
  • Why you want to enable that best practice
  • What might be the result if you fail to enable the best practice
  • Possible alternatives to the best practice
  • How you can learn to enable the best practice

We look forward to including many more articles on Azure security architecture and best practices. If there are topics that you'd like us to include, let us know in the discussion area at the bottom of this page.