Microsoft.Automation automationAccounts/nodeConfigurations

The automationAccounts/nodeConfigurations resource type can be deployed to: Resource groups.

To learn about resource group deployments, see Bicep or ARM template.

Template format

To create a Microsoft.Automation/automationAccounts/nodeConfigurations resource, add the following Bicep or JSON to your template.

resource symbolicname 'Microsoft.Automation/automationAccounts/nodeConfigurations@2020-01-13-preview' = {
  name: 'string'
  tags: {
    tagName1: 'tagValue1'
    tagName2: 'tagValue2'
  parent: parentSymbolicName
  properties: {
    configuration: {
      name: 'string'
    incrementNodeConfigurationBuild: bool
    source: {
      hash: {
        algorithm: 'string'
        value: 'string'
      type: 'string'
      value: 'string'
      version: 'string'

Property values


Name Description Value
type The resource type

For Bicep, set this value in the resource declaration.
apiVersion The resource api version

For Bicep, set this value in the resource declaration.
name The resource name

See how to set names and types for child resources in Bicep or JSON ARM templates.
string (required)
tags Gets or sets the tags attached to the resource. Dictionary of tag names and values. See Tags in templates
parent In Bicep, you can specify the parent resource for a child resource. You only need to add this property when the child resource is declared outside of the parent resource.

For more information, see Child resource outside parent resource.
properties The parameter properties supplied to the create or update node configuration operation. DscNodeConfigurationCreateOrUpdateParametersProperties


Name Description Value
configuration The Dsc configuration property associated with the entity. DscConfigurationAssociationProperty (required)
incrementNodeConfigurationBuild If a new build version of NodeConfiguration is required. bool
source Definition of the content source. ContentSource (required)


Name Description Value
name Gets or sets the name of the Dsc configuration. string


Name Description Value
hash Definition of the runbook property type. ContentHash
type Gets or sets the content source type. 'embeddedContent'
value Gets or sets the value of the content. This is based on the content source type. string
version Gets or sets the version of the content. string


Name Description Value
algorithm Gets or sets the content hash algorithm used to hash the content. string (required)
value Gets or sets expected hash value of the content. string (required)