Microsoft.NetApp netAppAccounts/backupPolicies 2020-11-01

Template format

To create a Microsoft.NetApp/netAppAccounts/backupPolicies resource, add the following JSON to the resources section of your template.

  "name": "string",
  "type": "Microsoft.NetApp/netAppAccounts/backupPolicies",
  "apiVersion": "2020-11-01",
  "location": "string",
  "tags": {},
  "properties": {
    "dailyBackupsToKeep": "integer",
    "weeklyBackupsToKeep": "integer",
    "monthlyBackupsToKeep": "integer",
    "yearlyBackupsToKeep": "integer",
    "volumesAssigned": "integer",
    "enabled": "boolean",
    "volumeBackups": [
        "volumeName": "string",
        "backupsCount": "integer",
        "policyEnabled": "boolean"

Property values

The following tables describe the values you need to set in the schema.

Microsoft.NetApp/netAppAccounts/backupPolicies object


In Bicep, type and apiVersion are specified in the first line of the resource declaration. Use the format <type>@<apiVersion>. Don't set those properties in the resource body.

Name Type Required Value
name string Yes Backup policy Name which uniquely identify backup policy.
type enum Yes For JSON -backupPolicies

See Set name and type for child resources.
apiVersion enum Yes For JSON - 2020-11-01
location string Yes Resource location
tags object No Resource tags
properties object Yes Backup policy Properties - BackupPolicyProperties object

BackupPolicyProperties object

Name Type Required Value
dailyBackupsToKeep integer No Daily backups count to keep
weeklyBackupsToKeep integer No Weekly backups count to keep
monthlyBackupsToKeep integer No Monthly backups count to keep
yearlyBackupsToKeep integer No Yearly backups count to keep
volumesAssigned integer No Volumes using current backup policy
enabled boolean No The property to decide policy is enabled or not
volumeBackups array No A list of volumes assigned to this policy - VolumeBackups object

VolumeBackups object

Name Type Required Value
volumeName string No Volume name
backupsCount integer No Total count of backups for volume
policyEnabled boolean No Policy enabled