Bing Ads Scripts Reference


Bing Ads Scripts is in Open Beta and available to all Bing Ads users.

The Scripts classes and documentation are subject to change during Open Beta.

Bing Ads Scripts lets you access and manage your Bing Ads data using JavaScript in Bing Ads' browser-based script editor.

This section provides information about the JavaScript objects that you use in your scripts.

For information about Bing Ads entities and the limits that apply to each entity, see Entity Hierarchy and Limits.

The following are the top-level objects that you use to access your Bing Ads entities and perform other tasks.

Object Description
AccountsApp This is the top-level object that you use if you're managing accounts for others. Use it to get the list of accounts you have access to, and to select the account to manage. Read more.
BingAdsApp This is the top-level object used to access and manage single-account entities, such as campaigns and keywords. Read more.
UrlFetchApp This is the top-level object used to fetch resources from the web.