Bing Webmaster API

The Bing Webmaster Application Programming Interface (API), enables webmasters to programmatically access information about their website on Bing search and index. These APIs allow the users to get information about their registered sites such as:

  • Rank & Traffic Stats
  • Link Details
  • Keyword Details
  • Crawl Stats

The APIs also allow the users to submit URLs, Sitemaps and other site details to Bing. This page introduces the online documentation and other resources that supports the use of Bing Webmaster APIs.

How the Documentation is Organized

Bing Webmaster API documentation is organized with the intent to provide overview and detailed information for each important area of the API including:

  • Information on API capabilities
  • Guides on using the APIs
  • Detailed samples
Section Title Description
Accessing the APIs Guide on accessing the APIs
Supported Protocols Information on supported protocols
Using the APIs Sample calls and responses to retrieve data through Bing Webmaster APIs
API Reference Reference material for classes, properties, and methods available in Bing Webmaster API

Additional Resources

Bing Webmaster Tools Access Bing Webmaster Tools to troubleshoot crawling and indexing issues, submit sitemaps and view statistics for your sites
Bing API Terms of Use Terms and conditions regarding usage of Bing Webmaster API
Bing Webmaster Support Webmaster Tools Support
Bing API Forum Developer support forum for Bing APIs