How to Capture a Memory Dump of a BizTalk Process

Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to capture a memory dump of a process running on a BizTalk Server to perform an in depth analysis of the process. Situations that may require analysis of a memory dump include the following:

  • When a process is unresponsive.

  • When a process is crashing.

  • When a process leaks memory.

    This section includes the steps that should be followed to capture the appropriate type of memory dump.

Installation of the IIS Diagnostics Toolkit

Each of the topics in this section requires the use of the Debug Diagnostics Tool of the IIS Diagnostics Toolkit to capture a memory dump. To install the Debug Diagnostics Tool of the IIS Diagnostics Toolkit follow these steps:

  1. Download the IIS Diagnostics Toolkit from Internet Information Services Diagnostic Tools.

  2. Double-click the iisdiag.msi package to start the IIS Diagnostics Toolkit setup program and choose the Custom setup type.

  3. In the Custom Setup dialog, ensure that the option for the Debug Diagnostics Tool 1.0 is enabled and complete the steps in the setup program.

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