Spring ’18 summary of what’s new in Data Integration

These release notes describe functionality that may not have been released yet. Delivery timelines and projected functionality may change or may not ship (see Microsoft policy).

For a list of the regions where Dynamics 365 business applications are available, see the International availability guide.

General Availability

New and improved connectors for Power BI

  • Improved SAP BW DirectQuery connector
  • Improved SAP HANA DirectQuery connector
  • Improved SAP HANA & BW certification
  • New Adobe Analytics connector
  • New Azure Analysis Services connector
  • New IBM Netezza connector
  • Improved Azure Blob Storage connector

New and improved connectors for PowerApps, Flow, and Logic Apps

  • Improved SQL Server connector supports views, native queries, and temporal tables
  • New operations in Office 365 Outlook and Office 365 Users connectors
  • Write support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Teradata connectors
  • Support for large file transfer up to 1 GB in FTP and Azure Blob connectors
  • Support for bulk operations in the Salesforce.com connector
  • Logic Apps connectors now supported in Azure Government Cloud
  • PowerApps and Microsoft Flow connectors now supported in UK

Gateway improvements

  • Support for queries combining on-premises and online sources
  • Single Sign-On support for DirectQuery sources

Smart data preparation capabilities for Power Query

Use Power Query to integrate data into the Common Data Service for Apps and Power BI dataflows. Create, populate, transform, and enrich standard entities defined in the Common Data Model. You can use example column values to infer column rows (Add Column from Examples feature).

Public Preview

New and improved connectors for Power BI

  • HDInsight Interactive Query
  • Data.World
  • Vertica
  • Azure Consumption Insights
  • Dynamics 365 for Financials

New and improved connectors for PowerApps, Flow, and Logic Apps

  • New Azure SQL DataWarehouse connector
  • New Excel Online connector for Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps
  • Support for views in Teradata and Oracle connectors
  • Improved Visual Studio Team Services connector
  • New partner-built connectors, including Plumsail Forms, Plumsail SP, Kintone, and more. See the full list

Integration with the Common Data Service for Apps and Power BI dataflows

Templates (Private Preview Only)

Gateway improvements


Partners can create and distribute their own connectors and submit them for certification across the platform.

  • M connector SDK enables third parties to write new connectors
  • Improved certification program for partners looking to build and release connectors across Power BI, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, and Logic Apps
  • M connector support for on-premises data gateway (personal mode), starting in April