Scroll maps


Heatmap is only displayed on the site pages where the Clarity tracking code is installed. Check the Setup process to know how to install it.

Scroll maps help you determine the ideal page length for maximum conversions and show how far your users scroll on the pages.

This helps in figuring out whether your users are seeing the most important content and focus on where to put your important calls-to-actions.

Scroll maps.


Check Heatmaps Overview to know the types of Heatmaps Clarity support.

Left panel

The left panel, Scroll data, groups pixel to user scrolled percentages.

Scroll maps left panel.

  1. % Scrolled: Indicates the page percent data in 5% increment, that is being evaluated for.

  2. Pixel Scrolled: Indicates the total number of pixels corresponding to % scrolled.

  3. No. of users: Indicates the total number of users that landed on the page or group of pages where Clarity Heatmaps are collecting the data.

  4. % of users: Indicates the percent of visitors who scrolled through corresponding percent of page height.

Top panel

The top panel helps you customize the Scroll maps visualization:

Scroll maps top panel.

  1. URL dropdown: This auto fill search bar contains all the websites that are part of the Clarity's project.

  2. Filters: Refer to Heatmaps filters to know more.

  3. Visited URL: This is the URL for which you can view the Heatmaps. The applied filters appear here.

  4. Supported devices: PC, Tablet, and Mobile view to understand user behavior on these devices.

  5. Heatmaps types: Switch between Scroll and click maps.

Bottom panel

Scroll maps bottom panel.

  1. Page views: This matches the total number of page views on the page (or group of pages), for the applied filters. The page views are limited up to 100,000 per Heatmap.

  2. Color scale: Colors get warmer as the popularity of a section increases. Warmer the colors, more popular is the section of the page.

  3. Other options: Switch to full screen view and check more information here.

Map view

As you hover over the Scroll map, you can view the exact % of users reached at that point of your webpage or group of pages.

The line in a scroll map indicates the number of users at that pixel. Available presets are 25%, 50%, 75%.

Scroll maps view.

Average fold

Scroll maps also display Average fold, which is the content seen above the fold based on the users accessing your site. This indicates the average location that would be visible on a webpage before the user starts scrolling.

Scroll maps average fold.


For more answers, refer to General FAQ.

How does Clarity Scroll maps deal with dynamic content?

For dynamic content, Scroll maps will aggregate results for all pages in your segment and display the appropriate Heatmap.

How do Clarity display a Scroll map for varied screen length, resolution, and device type?

Resolution, page size, and device type greatly impact the page layout. Clarity generates Scroll maps based on the average of maximum depths scrolled and display the scroll data specific to the device type you choose. The resolution is aggregated along with size.

How many URLs will be displayed in the URL dropdown?

All URLs with Clarity tracking code installed are displayed in the URL dropdown.

How can I search through the URLs?

You can use the autofill search box and Regular Expressions to search through the URLs.

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