Azure CLI 2.0

The Azure CLI 2.0 is Azure's new command-line experience for managing Azure resources. It can be used on macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Azure CLI 2.0 is optimized for managing and administering Azure resources from the command line, and for building automation scripts that work against the Azure Resource Manager. Using the Azure CLI 2.0, you can create VMs within Azure as easily as typing the following command:

az vm create -n MyLinuxVM -g MyResourceGroup --image UbuntuLTS

Review the Install article to get Azure CLI 2.0 up and running on your system. Then read the Get Started article to begin using it. For information about the latest release, see the release notes.

The following samples can help you learn how to perform common scenarios with Azure CLI 2.0:

A detailed reference is also available that documents how to use each individual Azure CLI 2.0 command.

Get started with Azure CLI 2.0 now.


If you use the previous version of the CLI (Azure CLI), you can continue to use it. If you use both CLIs, remember that azure is the old CLI - Azure CLI, and that az is the new CLI - Azure CLI 2.0.