Upgrade to Common Data Service for Apps

The previous version of Common Data Service (CDS) was enhanced and released as Common Data Service (CDS) for Apps in March 2018 to offer significant new capabilities such as server-side logic, improved app-building experience, and a solid extensibility platform (based on the proven Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform) for developers and ISVs. More information: New features in the Common Data Service for Apps and PowerApps Spring Update.


To use the new capabilities in CDS for Apps, existing users on the previous version of Common Data Service can upgrade to the latest CDS for Apps using one of the following options:

  • Upgrade your previous version of CDS to CDS for Apps.
    • This is the best option to preserve any apps or flows that use the previous version of CDS.
    • This process will require several hours and require cooperation with the authors of any apps or flows connected to this database.
    • More information: Overview of the upgrade process.
  • Delete your previous version CDS database, then create a new CDS for Apps database in the existing environment.

    • If you haven't used the previous version CDS database or you don't care to preserve any apps for flows that used it. This is a simple option that will allow you to use CDS for Apps right away with a minimum amount of time.


      Do not delete a database if you have started the upgrade process.

    • More information: Delete your previous version Common Data Service database

  • Do nothing
    • When the previous version of CDS is discontinued on March 15, 2019, all remaining previous version CDS databases will be not be available through the service. On request, data from these databases can be recovered for 30 days after the service is discontinued. Open a request via support to get the data.


Support for the previous version of CDS will end on March 15, 2019. If you have data and apps that you want to upgrade, please target completing your upgrade by March 1.

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