MKMapView Class


Embeddable Map View.

[Foundation.Register("MKMapView", true)]
[ObjCRuntime.Introduced(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.TvOS, 9, 2, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.All, null)]
[ObjCRuntime.Introduced(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.MacOSX, 10, 9, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.Arch64, null)]
public class MKMapView : AppKit.NSView
type MKMapView = class
    inherit NSView


The MKMapView provides a zoomable map interface upon which the application developer can add information-bearing MKAnnotations and area-based MKOverlays.

In iOS 7 and later, maps support 3D imagery when the MapType property is Standard. To view 3D imagery, the ShowsBuildings property must be true and the Camera and and PitchEnabled properties must be set to create a non-vertical perspective. The iOS simulator does not render 3D buildings. The following example shows how a camera can be set to provide 3D imagery:

var target = new CLLocationCoordinate2D(37.7952, -122.4028);
var viewPoint = new CLLocationCoordinate2D(37.8009, -122.4100);
//Enable 3D buildings
mapView.ShowsBuildings = true;
mapView.PitchEnabled = true;

var camera = MKMapCamera.CameraLookingAtCenterCoordinate(target, viewPoint, 500); mapView.Camera = camera;


iOS distinguishes between the MKOverlay, which represents the geometry of an overlay, and it's visual presentation. Prior to iOS 7, overlays were rendered using MKOverlayViews. In iOS 7, these classes have been deprecated, and overlays now use the more efficient subclasses of MKOverlayRenderer.

To create an overlay and its renderer, application developers must add the overlay to the MKMapView and return the renderer either using the OverlayRenderer property or by overriding the OverlayRenderer(MKMapView, IMKOverlay) method.

MKPolygon hotelOverlay = MKPolygon.FromCoordinates(coordinates);
mkMap.AddOverlay (hotelOverlay);
var polygon = MKPolygon.FromCoordinates(coordinates);
var renderer = new MKPolygonRenderer(polygon) { FillColor = UIColor.Red, Alpha = 0.5f };
mkMap.OverlayRenderer = (view, overlay) => renderer;



Default constructor that initializes a new instance of this class with no parameters.


Initializes the MKMapView with the specified frame.


A constructor used when creating managed representations of unmanaged objects; Called by the runtime.


A constructor that initializes the object from the data stored in the unarchiver object.


Constructor to call on derived classes to skip initialization and merely allocate the object.


AcceptsTouchEvents (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityActionNames (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityActivationPoint (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityAllowedValues (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityAlternateUIVisible (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityApplicationFocusedUIElement (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityAttributeNames (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityCancelButton (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityChildren (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityChildrenInNavigationOrder (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityClearButton (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityCloseButton (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityColumnCount (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityColumnHeaderUIElements (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityColumnIndexRange (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityColumns (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityColumnTitles (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityContents (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityCriticalValue (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityCustomActions (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityCustomRotors (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityDecrementButton (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityDefaultButton (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityDisclosed (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityDisclosedByRow (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityDisclosedRows (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityDisclosureLevel (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityDocument (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityEdited (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityElement (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityEnabled (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityExpanded (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityExtrasMenuBar (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityFilename (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityFocused (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityFocusedWindow (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityFrame (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityFrontmost (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityFullScreenButton (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityGrowArea (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityHandles (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityHeader (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityHelp (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityHidden (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityHorizontalScrollBar (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityHorizontalUnitDescription (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityHorizontalUnits (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityIdentifier (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityIncrementButton (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityIndex (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityInsertionPointLineNumber (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityIsIgnored (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityLabel (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityLabelUIElements (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityLabelValue (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityLinkedUIElements (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityMain (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityMainWindow (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityMarkerGroupUIElement (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityMarkerTypeDescription (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityMarkerUIElements (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityMarkerValues (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityMaxValue (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityMenuBar (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityMinimizeButton (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityMinimized (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityMinValue (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityModal (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityNextContents (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityNotifiesWhenDestroyed (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityNumberOfCharacters (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityOrderedByRow (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityOrientation (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityOverflowButton (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityParameterizedAttributeNames (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityParent (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPlaceholderValue (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPreviousContents (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityProtectedContent (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityProxy (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityRequired (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityRole (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityRoleDescription (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityRowCount (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityRowHeaderUIElements (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityRowIndexRange (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityRows (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityRulerMarkerType (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySearchButton (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySearchMenu (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySelected (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySelectedCells (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySelectedChildren (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySelectedColumns (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySelectedRows (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySelectedText (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySelectedTextRange (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySelectedTextRanges (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityServesAsTitleForUIElements (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySharedCharacterRange (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySharedFocusElements (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySharedTextUIElements (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityShownMenu (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySortDirection (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySplitters (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilitySubrole (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityTabs (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityTitle (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityTitleUIElement (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityToolbarButton (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityTopLevelUIElement (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityUnitDescription (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityUnits (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityUrl (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityValue (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityValueDescription (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityVerticalScrollBar (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityVerticalUnitDescription (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityVerticalUnits (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityVisibleCells (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityVisibleCharacterRange (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityVisibleChildren (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityVisibleColumns (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityVisibleRows (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityWarningValue (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityWindow (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityWindows (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityZoomButton (Inherited from NSView)
AlignmentRectInsets (Inherited from NSView)
AllowsVibrancy (Inherited from NSView)
AlphaValue (Inherited from NSView)
Animations (Inherited from NSView)
Animator (Inherited from NSView)

Returns all the annotations associated with a map.


Returns the rectangle where annotations are displayed.


Strongly-typed property that returns the UIAppearance class for this class.

AutoresizesSubviews (Inherited from NSView)
AutoresizingMask (Inherited from NSView)
BackgroundFilters (Inherited from NSView)
BaselineOffsetFromBottom (Inherited from NSView)
BottomAnchor (Inherited from NSView)
Bounds (Inherited from NSView)
BoundsRotation (Inherited from NSView)

Defines the perspective of the map.

CanBecomeKeyView (Inherited from NSView)
CanDrawConcurrently (Inherited from NSView)
CanDrawSubviewsIntoLayer (Inherited from NSView)

The center of the map.

CenterXAnchor (Inherited from NSView)
CenterYAnchor (Inherited from NSView)
Class (Inherited from NSObject)

The handle for this class.

CompositingFilter (Inherited from NSView)
Constraints (Inherited from NSView)
ContentFilters (Inherited from NSView)

Delegate invoked by the object to get a value.


A developer-meaningful description of this object.

(Inherited from NSObject)

An instance of the MapKit.IMKMapViewDelegate model class which acts as the class delegate.


Description of the object, the Objective-C version of ToString.

(Inherited from NSObject)
EffectiveAppearance (Inherited from NSView)
EnclosingScrollView (Inherited from NSView)
FirstBaselineAnchor (Inherited from NSView)
FirstBaselineOffsetFromTop (Inherited from NSView)
FittingSize (Inherited from NSView)
FocusRingMaskBounds (Inherited from NSView)
FocusRingType (Inherited from NSView)
Frame (Inherited from NSView)
FrameCenterRotation (Inherited from NSView)
FrameRotation (Inherited from NSView)
GestureRecognizers (Inherited from NSView)

Delegate invoked by the object to get a value.


Delegate invoked by the object to get a value.


Handle (pointer) to the unmanaged object representation.

(Inherited from NSObject)
HasAmbiguousLayout (Inherited from NSView)
HeightAdjustLimit (Inherited from NSView)
HeightAnchor (Inherited from NSView)
Hidden (Inherited from NSView)
Identifier (Inherited from NSView)
InLiveResize (Inherited from NSView)
InputContext (Inherited from NSView)
IntrinsicContentSize (Inherited from NSView)
IsDirectBinding (Inherited from NSObject)
IsDrawingFindIndicator (Inherited from NSView)
IsFlipped (Inherited from NSView)
IsHiddenOrHasHiddenAncestor (Inherited from NSView)
IsInFullscreenMode (Inherited from NSView)
IsOpaque (Inherited from NSView)
IsProxy (Inherited from NSObject)
IsRotatedFromBase (Inherited from NSView)
IsRotatedOrScaledFromBase (Inherited from NSView)
LastBaselineAnchor (Inherited from NSView)
LastBaselineOffsetFromBottom (Inherited from NSView)
Layer (Inherited from NSView)
LayerContentsPlacement (Inherited from NSView)
LayerContentsRedrawPolicy (Inherited from NSView)
LayerUsesCoreImageFilters (Inherited from NSView)
LayoutGuides (Inherited from NSView)
LeadingAnchor (Inherited from NSView)
LeftAnchor (Inherited from NSView)

The type of map to display

Menu (Inherited from NSResponder)
MouseDownCanMoveWindow (Inherited from NSView)
NeedsDisplay (Inherited from NSView)
NeedsLayout (Inherited from NSView)
NeedsPanelToBecomeKey (Inherited from NSView)
NeedsUpdateConstraints (Inherited from NSView)
NextKeyView (Inherited from NSView)
NextResponder (Inherited from NSResponder)
NextValidKeyView (Inherited from NSView)
OpaqueAncestor (Inherited from NSView)

Delegate invoked by the object to get a value.


Returns the overlays for the map.

PageFooter (Inherited from NSView)
PageHeader (Inherited from NSView)

Whether the view uses the angle defined by the Camera.

PostsBoundsChangedNotifications (Inherited from NSView)
PostsFrameChangedNotifications (Inherited from NSView)
PreparedContentRect (Inherited from NSView)
PreservesContentDuringLiveResize (Inherited from NSView)
PressureConfiguration (Inherited from NSView)
PreviousKeyView (Inherited from NSView)
PreviousValidKeyView (Inherited from NSView)
PrintJobTitle (Inherited from NSView)
RectPreservedDuringLiveResize (Inherited from NSView)

The region displayed by the map view.


Returns the current Objective-C retain count for the object.

(Inherited from NSObject)
RightAnchor (Inherited from NSView)

Whether the view uses the heading defined by the Camera.


Control if the map can be scrolled with a pan gesture.


An array containing the curently selected annotations.

Self (Inherited from NSObject)
Shadow (Inherited from NSView)
ShouldDrawColor (Inherited from NSView)

Whether 3D geometry (if available) is rendered.


Whether the map should display a compass rose.


Whether the map should display features that are marked as points of interest.


Whether the map should show a scale graphic.


Whether the map should show traffic congestion graphics.


Shows the user's location.

Subviews (Inherited from NSView)
Superclass (Inherited from NSObject)

Handle used to represent the methods in the base class for this NSObject.

(Inherited from NSObject)
Superview (Inherited from NSView)
Tag (Inherited from NSView)
ToolTip (Inherited from NSView)
TopAnchor (Inherited from NSView)
TouchBar (Inherited from NSResponder)
TrailingAnchor (Inherited from NSView)
TranslatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints (Inherited from NSView)
UserActivity (Inherited from NSResponder)
UserInterfaceLayoutDirection (Inherited from NSView)

Returns the user's location.


Returns if the user's location is currently visible on the map.


Specifies if and how the map should track the application user's position.


The map rectangle that is currently visible.

WantsBestResolutionOpenGLSurface (Inherited from NSView)
WantsDefaultClipping (Inherited from NSView)
WantsLayer (Inherited from NSView)
WantsPeriodicDraggingUpdates (Inherited from NSView)
WantsRestingTouches (Inherited from NSView)
WantsUpdateLayer (Inherited from NSView)

An object that can respond to the delegate protocol for this type

WidthAdjustLimit (Inherited from NSView)
WidthAnchor (Inherited from NSView)
Window (Inherited from NSView)
Zone (Inherited from NSObject)

Controls if the user can zoom in and out of the map using a pinch gesture.


AcceptsFirstMouse(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSView)
AcceptsFirstResponder() (Inherited from NSResponder)
AccessibilityPerformAction(NSString) (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPerformCancel() (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPerformConfirm() (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPerformDecrement() (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPerformDelete() (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPerformIncrement() (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPerformPick() (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPerformPress() (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPerformRaise() (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPerformShowAlternateUI() (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPerformShowDefaultUI() (Inherited from NSView)
AccessibilityPerformShowMenu() (Inherited from NSView)
AddConstraint(NSLayoutConstraint) (Inherited from NSView)
AddConstraints(NSLayoutConstraint[]) (Inherited from NSView)
AddCursorRect(CGRect, NSCursor) (Inherited from NSView)
AddGestureRecognizer(NSGestureRecognizer) (Inherited from NSView)
AddLayoutGuide(NSLayoutGuide) (Inherited from NSView)
AddObserver(NSObject, NSString, NSKeyValueObservingOptions, IntPtr)

Registers an object for being observed externally (using NSString keyPath).   Observed changes are dispatched to the observer’s object ObserveValue(NSString, NSObject, NSDictionary, IntPtr) method.

(Inherited from NSObject)
AddObserver(NSObject, String, NSKeyValueObservingOptions, IntPtr)

Registers an object for being observed externally (using string keyPath).   Observed changes are dispatched to the observer’s object ObserveValue(NSString, NSObject, NSDictionary, IntPtr) method.

(Inherited from NSObject)
AddObserver(NSString, NSKeyValueObservingOptions, Action<NSObservedChange>)

Registers an object for being observed externally using an arbitrary method.

(Inherited from NSObject)
AddObserver(String, NSKeyValueObservingOptions, Action<NSObservedChange>)

Registers an object for being observed externally using an arbitrary method.

(Inherited from NSObject)
AddOverlay(IMKOverlay, MKOverlayLevel)

Adds an overlay to the map.

AddOverlays(IMKOverlay[], MKOverlayLevel)

Adds multiple overlays to the map.

AddSubview(NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
AddSubview(NSView, NSWindowOrderingMode, NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
AddToolTip(CGRect, NSObject, IntPtr) (Inherited from NSView)
AddTrackingArea(NSTrackingArea) (Inherited from NSView)
AddTrackingRect(CGRect, NSObject, IntPtr, Boolean) (Inherited from NSView)
AdjustPageHeightNew(nfloat, nfloat, nfloat, nfloat) (Inherited from NSView)
AdjustPageWidthNew(nfloat, nfloat, nfloat, nfloat) (Inherited from NSView)
AdjustScroll(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
AllocateGState() (Inherited from NSView)
AncestorSharedWithView(NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
AnimationFor(NSString) (Inherited from NSView)

Returns a strongly typed UIAppearance for instances of this class when the view is hosted in the specified hierarchy.

Autoscroll(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSView)

Called after the object has been loaded from the nib file. Overriders must call base.AwakeFromNib().

(Inherited from NSObject)
BackingAlignedRect(CGRect, NSAlignmentOptions) (Inherited from NSView)
BecomeFirstResponder() (Inherited from NSResponder)
BeginDocument() (Inherited from NSView)
BeginDraggingSession(NSDraggingItem[], NSEvent, INSDraggingSource) (Inherited from NSView)
BeginGestureWithEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
BeginInvokeOnMainThread(Action) (Inherited from NSObject)
BeginInvokeOnMainThread(Selector, NSObject)

Invokes asynchrously the specified code on the main UI thread.

(Inherited from NSObject)
BeginPage(CGRect, CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
Bind(NSString, NSObject, String, NSDictionary) (Inherited from NSObject)
Bind(String, NSObject, String, NSDictionary) (Inherited from NSObject)
BindingInfo(String) (Inherited from NSObject)
BindingOptionDescriptions(String) (Inherited from NSObject)
BindingValueClass(String) (Inherited from NSObject)
BitmapImageRepForCachingDisplayInRect(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
CacheDisplay(CGRect, NSBitmapImageRep) (Inherited from NSView)
CanDraw() (Inherited from NSView)
CenterScanRect(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
CommitEditing() (Inherited from NSObject)
CommitEditing(NSObject, Selector, IntPtr) (Inherited from NSObject)
ConcludeDragOperation(NSDraggingInfo) (Inherited from NSView)

Invoked to determine if this object implements the specified protocol.

(Inherited from NSObject)
ConvertCoordinate(CLLocationCoordinate2D, NSView)
ConvertCoordinate(CLLocationCoordinate2D, UIView)

Converts a map coordinate to a point.

ConvertPoint(CGPoint, NSView)
ConvertPoint(CGPoint, UIView)
ConvertPointFromBacking(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertPointFromBase(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertPointFromLayer(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertPointFromView(CGPoint, NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertPointToBacking(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertPointToBase(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertPointToLayer(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertPointToView(CGPoint, NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertRect(CGRect, NSView)
ConvertRect(CGRect, UIView)
ConvertRectFromBacking(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertRectFromBase(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertRectFromLayer(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertRectFromView(CGRect, NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertRectToBacking(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertRectToBase(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertRectToLayer(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertRectToView(CGRect, NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertRegion(MKCoordinateRegion, NSView)
ConvertRegion(MKCoordinateRegion, UIView)

Converts a map region to a rectangle.

ConvertSizeFromBacking(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertSizeFromBase(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertSizeFromLayer(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertSizeFromView(CGSize, NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertSizeToBacking(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertSizeToBase(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertSizeToLayer(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
ConvertSizeToView(CGSize, NSView) (Inherited from NSView)

Performs a copy of the underlying Objective-C object.

(Inherited from NSObject)
CursorUpdate(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
DangerousAutorelease() (Inherited from NSObject)
DangerousRelease() (Inherited from NSObject)
DangerousRetain() (Inherited from NSObject)
DataWithEpsInsideRect(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
DataWithPdfInsideRect(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)

Returns a reusable annnotation view.

DequeueReusableAnnotation(String, IMKAnnotation)
DeselectAnnotation(IMKAnnotation, Boolean)
DidAddSubview(NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
DidChange(NSKeyValueChange, NSIndexSet, NSString)

Indicates a change occurred to the indexes for a to-many relationship.

(Inherited from NSObject)
DidChange(NSString, NSKeyValueSetMutationKind, NSSet) (Inherited from NSObject)
DidChangeBackingProperties() (Inherited from NSView)

Indicates that a change occurred on the specified key.

(Inherited from NSObject)
DidCloseMenu(NSMenu, NSEvent) (Inherited from NSView)
DiscardCursorRects() (Inherited from NSView)
Display() (Inherited from NSView)
DisplayIfNeeded() (Inherited from NSView)
DisplayIfNeededIgnoringOpacity() (Inherited from NSView)
DisplayIfNeededInRect(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
DisplayIfNeededInRectIgnoringOpacity(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
DisplayRect(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
DisplayRectIgnoringOpacity(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
DisplayRectIgnoringOpacity(CGRect, NSGraphicsContext) (Inherited from NSView)

Releases the resources used by the NSObject object.

(Inherited from NSObject)

Releases the resources used by the MKMapView object.


Indicates that this object does not recognize the specified selector.

(Inherited from NSObject)
DragFile(String, CGRect, Boolean, NSEvent) (Inherited from NSView)
DraggingEnded(NSDraggingInfo) (Inherited from NSView)
DraggingEntered(NSDraggingInfo) (Inherited from NSView)
DraggingExited(NSDraggingInfo) (Inherited from NSView)
DraggingUpdated(NSDraggingInfo) (Inherited from NSView)
DragImage(NSImage, CGPoint, CGSize, NSEvent, NSPasteboard, NSObject, Boolean) (Inherited from NSView)
DragPromisedFilesOfTypes(String[], CGRect, NSObject, Boolean, NSEvent) (Inherited from NSView)
DrawFocusRingMask() (Inherited from NSView)
DrawPageBorder(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
DrawRect(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
DrawSheetBorder(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
EncodeRestorableState(NSCoder) (Inherited from NSResponder)
EncodeRestorableState(NSCoder, NSOperationQueue) (Inherited from NSResponder)
EncodeTo(NSCoder) (Inherited from NSResponder)
EndDocument() (Inherited from NSView)
EndGestureWithEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
EndPage() (Inherited from NSView)
EnterFullscreenModeWithOptions(NSScreen, NSDictionary) (Inherited from NSView)
Equals(NSObject) (Inherited from NSObject)
Equals(Object) (Inherited from NSObject)
ExchangeOverlay(IMKOverlay, IMKOverlay)

Swaps the index position of two overlays, changing their z-order.

ExchangeOverlays(nint, nint)

Swaps the index positions of two overlays.

ExerciseAmbiguityInLayout() (Inherited from NSView)
ExitFullscreenModeWithOptions(NSDictionary) (Inherited from NSView)
ExposedBindings() (Inherited from NSObject)
FlagsChanged(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
FlushBufferedKeyEvents() (Inherited from NSResponder)
GetAccessibilityActionDescription(NSString) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityArrayAttributeCount(NSString) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityArrayAttributeValues(NSString, nuint, nuint) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityAttributedString(NSRange) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityCellForColumn(nint, nint) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityFocusedUIElement() (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityFrame(NSRange) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityHitTest(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityIndexOfChild(NSObject) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityLayoutForScreen(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityLayoutForScreen(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityLine(nint) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityRange(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityRange(nint) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityRangeForLine(nint) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityRtf(NSRange) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityScreenForLayout(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityScreenForLayout(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityString(NSRange) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityStyleRange(nint) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityValue(NSString) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAccessibilityValue(NSString, NSObject) (Inherited from NSView)
GetAlignmentRectForFrame(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)

Returns the annotations located in a specified map rectangle.

GetAppearance(UITraitCollection, Type[])

Obtains the appearance proxy MKMapView.MKMapViewAppearance for the subclass of MKMapView.


Obtains the appearance proxy MKMapView.MKMapViewAppearance for the subclass of MKMapView.

GetAppearance<T>(UITraitCollection, Type[])

Obtains the appearance proxy MKMapView.MKMapViewAppearance for the subclass of MKMapView that has the specified trait collection when the view is hosted in the specified hierarchy.

GetBindingInfo(NSString) (Inherited from NSObject)
GetBindingOptionDescriptions(NSString) (Inherited from NSObject)
GetBindingValueClass(NSString) (Inherited from NSObject)
GetConstraintsAffectingLayout(NSLayoutConstraintOrientation) (Inherited from NSView)
GetContentCompressionResistancePriority(NSLayoutConstraintOrientation) (Inherited from NSView)
GetContentHuggingPriorityForOrientation(NSLayoutConstraintOrientation) (Inherited from NSView)

Retrieves the values of the specified keys.

(Inherited from NSObject)
GetFrameForAlignmentRect(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)

Generates a hash code for the current instance.

(Inherited from NSObject)
GetMethodForSelector(Selector) (Inherited from NSObject)
GetNativeField(String) (Inherited from NSObject)
GetNativeHash() (Inherited from NSObject)
GetNewWindowForTab(NSObject) (Inherited from NSResponder)
GState() (Inherited from NSView)
HelpRequested(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
HitTest(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
Init() (Inherited from NSObject)
InitializeHandle(IntPtr) (Inherited from NSObject)
InitializeHandle(IntPtr, String) (Inherited from NSObject)
InsertOverlay(IMKOverlay, nint)
InsertOverlay(IMKOverlay, nuint, MKOverlayLevel)
InsertOverlayAbove(IMKOverlay, IMKOverlay)
InsertOverlayBelow(IMKOverlay, IMKOverlay)
InterpretKeyEvents(NSEvent[]) (Inherited from NSResponder)
InvalidateIntrinsicContentSize() (Inherited from NSView)
InvalidateRestorableState() (Inherited from NSResponder)
Invoke(Action, Double) (Inherited from NSObject)
Invoke(Action, TimeSpan) (Inherited from NSObject)
InvokeOnMainThread(Action) (Inherited from NSObject)
InvokeOnMainThread(Selector, NSObject)

Invokes synchrously the specified code on the main UI thread.

(Inherited from NSObject)
IsAccessibilityAttributeSettable(NSString) (Inherited from NSView)
IsAccessibilitySelectorAllowed(Selector) (Inherited from NSView)
IsDescendantOf(NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
IsEqual(NSObject) (Inherited from NSObject)
IsKindOfClass(Class) (Inherited from NSObject)
IsMemberOfClass(Class) (Inherited from NSObject)
IsMouseInRect(CGPoint, CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
KeyDown(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
KeyUp(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
KnowsPageRange(NSRange) (Inherited from NSView)
Layout() (Inherited from NSView)
LayoutSubtreeIfNeeded() (Inherited from NSView)
LocationOfPrintRect(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
LockFocus() (Inherited from NSView)
LockFocusIfCanDraw() (Inherited from NSView)
LockFocusIfCanDrawInContext(NSGraphicsContext) (Inherited from NSView)
MagnifyWithEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
MakeBackingLayer() (Inherited from NSView)

Adjusts the width and height of a map rectangle so it fist in the map view's frame.

MapRectThatFits(MKMapRect, NSEdgeInsets)
MapRectThatFits(MKMapRect, UIEdgeInsets)

Adjusts the width and height of a map rectangle so it fits in the map view's frame, including accounting for padding between the frame and the map rectangle.


Promotes a regular peer object (IsDirectBinding is true) into a toggleref object.

(Inherited from NSObject)
MenuForEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSView)
MouseDown(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
MouseDragged(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
MouseEntered(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
MouseExited(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
MouseMoved(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
MouseUp(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)

Creates a mutable copy of the specified NSObject.

(Inherited from NSObject)
NeedsToDraw(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
NoResponderFor(Selector) (Inherited from NSResponder)
NoteFocusRingMaskChanged() (Inherited from NSView)
ObjectDidEndEditing(NSObject) (Inherited from NSObject)
ObserveValue(NSString, NSObject, NSDictionary, IntPtr)

Indicates that the value at the specified keyPath relative to this object has changed.

(Inherited from NSObject)
OtherMouseDown(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
OtherMouseDragged(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
OtherMouseUp(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)

The overlays in the specified level.

PerformDragOperation(NSDraggingInfo) (Inherited from NSView)
PerformKeyEquivalent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSView)
PerformMnemonic(String) (Inherited from NSView)
PerformSelector(Selector) (Inherited from NSObject)
PerformSelector(Selector, NSObject) (Inherited from NSObject)
PerformSelector(Selector, NSObject, Double)

Invokes the selector on the current instance and if the obj is not null, it passes this as its single parameter.

(Inherited from NSObject)
PerformSelector(Selector, NSObject, Double, NSString[]) (Inherited from NSObject)
PerformSelector(Selector, NSObject, NSObject) (Inherited from NSObject)
PerformSelector(Selector, NSThread, NSObject, Boolean) (Inherited from NSObject)
PerformSelector(Selector, NSThread, NSObject, Boolean, NSString[]) (Inherited from NSObject)
PrepareContentInRect(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
PrepareForDragOperation(NSDraggingInfo) (Inherited from NSView)
PrepareForInterfaceBuilder() (Inherited from NSObject)
PrepareForReuse() (Inherited from NSView)
PresentError(NSError) (Inherited from NSResponder)
PresentError(NSError, NSWindow, NSObject, Selector, IntPtr) (Inherited from NSResponder)
PressureChange(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
Print(NSObject) (Inherited from NSView)
QuickLook(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
RectForPage(nint) (Inherited from NSView)
RectForSmartMagnificationAtPoint(CGPoint, CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)

Adjusts the size of the region to fit within the map view's frame

Register(Class, String)
Register(Type, String)
RegisteredDragTypes() (Inherited from NSView)
RegisterForDraggedTypes(String[]) (Inherited from NSView)
ReleaseGState() (Inherited from NSView)
RemoveAllToolTips() (Inherited from NSView)
RemoveConstraint(NSLayoutConstraint) (Inherited from NSView)
RemoveConstraints(NSLayoutConstraint[]) (Inherited from NSView)
RemoveCursorRect(CGRect, NSCursor) (Inherited from NSView)
RemoveFromSuperview() (Inherited from NSView)
RemoveFromSuperviewWithoutNeedingDisplay() (Inherited from NSView)
RemoveGestureRecognizer(NSGestureRecognizer) (Inherited from NSView)
RemoveLayoutGuide(NSLayoutGuide) (Inherited from NSView)
RemoveObserver(NSObject, NSString)

Stops the specified observer from receiving further notifications of changed values for the specified keyPath.

(Inherited from NSObject)
RemoveObserver(NSObject, NSString, IntPtr)

Stops the specified observer from receiving further notifications of changed values for the specified keyPath and context.

(Inherited from NSObject)
RemoveObserver(NSObject, String)

Stops the specified observer from receiving further notifications of changed values for the specified keyPath.

(Inherited from NSObject)
RemoveObserver(NSObject, String, IntPtr)

Stops the specified observer from receiving further notifications of changed values for the specified keyPath and context.

(Inherited from NSObject)
RemoveToolTip(nint) (Inherited from NSView)
RemoveTrackingArea(NSTrackingArea) (Inherited from NSView)
RemoveTrackingRect(nint) (Inherited from NSView)

The MKOverlayRenderer associated with the specified overlay.

RenewGState() (Inherited from NSView)
ReplaceSubviewWith(NSView, NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
ResetCursorRects() (Inherited from NSView)
ResignFirstResponder() (Inherited from NSResponder)
ResizeSubviewsWithOldSize(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
ResizeWithOldSuperviewSize(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)

Whether this object recognizes the specified selector.

(Inherited from NSObject)
RestoreState(NSCoder) (Inherited from NSResponder)
RestoreUserActivityState(NSUserActivity) (Inherited from NSResponder)
RightMouseDown(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
RightMouseDragged(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
RightMouseUp(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
RotateByAngle(nfloat) (Inherited from NSView)
RotateWithEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
ScaleUnitSquareToSize(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
ScrollPoint(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
ScrollRect(CGRect, CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
ScrollRectToVisible(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
ScrollWheel(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
SelectAnnotation(IMKAnnotation, Boolean)
SetAccessibilityValue(NSString, NSObject) (Inherited from NSView)
SetBoundsOrigin(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
SetBoundsSize(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
SetCamera(MKMapCamera, Boolean)

Sets the Camera property, optionally animating.

SetCenterCoordinate(CLLocationCoordinate2D, Boolean)

Sets the map center. This method is asynchronous.

SetContentCompressionResistancePriority(Single, NSLayoutConstraintOrientation) (Inherited from NSView)
SetContentHuggingPriorityForOrientation(Single, NSLayoutConstraintOrientation) (Inherited from NSView)
SetFrameOrigin(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
SetFrameSize(CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
SetKeyboardFocusRingNeedsDisplay(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)
SetNativeField(String, NSObject) (Inherited from NSObject)
SetNeedsDisplayInRect(CGRect) (Inherited from NSView)

Sets the value of the specified key to null.

(Inherited from NSObject)
SetRegion(MKCoordinateRegion, Boolean)

Changes the region dispalyed on the map.

SetUpGState() (Inherited from NSView)
SetUserTrackingMode(MKUserTrackingMode, Boolean)

Sets the user tracking mode to a value in MKUserTrackingMode.

SetValueForKey(NSObject, NSString)

Sets the value of the property specified by the key to the specified value.

(Inherited from NSObject)
SetValueForKeyPath(IntPtr, NSString)

A constructor used when creating managed representations of unmanaged objects; Called by the runtime.

(Inherited from NSObject)
SetValueForKeyPath(NSObject, NSString)

Sets the value of a property that can be reached using a keypath.

(Inherited from NSObject)
SetValueForUndefinedKey(NSObject, NSString)

Indicates an attempt to write a value to an undefined key. If not overridden, raises an NSUndefinedKeyException.

(Inherited from NSObject)

Sets the values of this NSObject to those in the specified dictionary.

(Inherited from NSObject)
SetVisibleMapRect(MKMapRect, Boolean)

Sets the visible area of the map.

SetVisibleMapRect(MKMapRect, NSEdgeInsets, Boolean)
SetVisibleMapRect(MKMapRect, UIEdgeInsets, Boolean)

Sets the visible area of the map, including additional space for padding.

ShouldBeTreatedAsInkEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
ShouldDelayWindowOrderingForEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSView)
ShowAnnotations(IMKAnnotation[], Boolean)

Sets the visible region of the map such that the specified annotations can all be seen.

ShowContextHelp(NSObject) (Inherited from NSResponder)
SmartMagnify(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
SupplementalTargetForAction(Selector, NSObject) (Inherited from NSResponder)
SwipeWithEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
TabletPoint(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
TabletProximity(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)

Returns a string representation of the value of the current instance.

(Inherited from NSObject)
TouchesBeganWithEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
TouchesCancelledWithEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
TouchesEndedWithEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
TouchesMovedWithEvent(NSEvent) (Inherited from NSResponder)
TrackingAreas() (Inherited from NSView)
TranslateOriginToPoint(CGPoint) (Inherited from NSView)
TranslateRectsNeedingDisplay(CGRect, CGSize) (Inherited from NSView)
TryToPerformwith(Selector, NSObject) (Inherited from NSResponder)
Unbind(NSString) (Inherited from NSObject)
Unbind(String) (Inherited from NSObject)
UnlockFocus() (Inherited from NSView)
UnregisterDraggedTypes() (Inherited from NSView)
UpdateConstraints() (Inherited from NSView)
UpdateConstraintsForSubtreeIfNeeded() (Inherited from NSView)
UpdateLayer() (Inherited from NSView)
UpdateTrackingAreas() (Inherited from NSView)
UpdateUserActivityState(NSUserActivity) (Inherited from NSResponder)
ValidRequestorForSendType(String, String) (Inherited from NSResponder)

Returns the value of the property associated with the specified key.

(Inherited from NSObject)

Returns the value of a property that can be reached using a keypath.

(Inherited from NSObject)

Indicates an attempt to read a value of an undefined key. If not overridden, raises an NSUndefinedKeyException.

(Inherited from NSObject)
ViewDidChangeEffectiveAppearance() (Inherited from NSView)
ViewDidEndLiveResize() (Inherited from NSView)
ViewDidHide() (Inherited from NSView)
ViewDidMoveToSuperview() (Inherited from NSView)
ViewDidMoveToWindow() (Inherited from NSView)
ViewDidUnhide() (Inherited from NSView)

Developers should not use this deprecated method. Developers should use 'MKOverlayRenderer.RendererForOverlay' instead.

ViewWillDraw() (Inherited from NSView)
ViewWillMoveToSuperview(NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
ViewWillMoveToWindow(NSWindow) (Inherited from NSView)
ViewWillStartLiveResize() (Inherited from NSView)
ViewWithTag(nint) (Inherited from NSView)
VisibleRect() (Inherited from NSView)
WantsForwardedScrollEventsForAxis(NSEventGestureAxis) (Inherited from NSResponder)
WantsScrollEventsForSwipeTrackingOnAxis(NSEventGestureAxis) (Inherited from NSResponder)
WillChange(NSKeyValueChange, NSIndexSet, NSString)

Indicates that the values of the specified indices in the specified key are about to change.

(Inherited from NSObject)
WillChange(NSString, NSKeyValueSetMutationKind, NSSet) (Inherited from NSObject)

Indicates that the value of the specified key is about to change.

(Inherited from NSObject)
WillOpenMenu(NSMenu, NSEvent) (Inherited from NSView)
WillPresentError(NSError) (Inherited from NSResponder)
WillRemoveSubview(NSView) (Inherited from NSView)
WriteEpsInsideRect(CGRect, NSPasteboard) (Inherited from NSView)
WritePdfInsideRect(CGRect, NSPasteboard) (Inherited from NSView)



Event raised by the object.


Event raised by the object.


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Event raised by the object.


Event raised by the object.


Event raised by the object.

Extension Methods

SetAccessibilityChildrenInNavigationOrder(INSAccessibility, NSAccessibilityElement[])
SetAccessibilityCustomActions(INSAccessibility, NSAccessibilityCustomAction[])
SetAccessibilityCustomRotors(INSAccessibility, NSAccessibilityCustomRotor[])
SetAccessibilityRequired(INSAccessibility, Boolean)
SetAppearance(INSAppearanceCustomization, NSAppearance)
ValidateProposedFirstResponder(NSResponder, NSResponder, NSEvent)
ConcludeDragOperation(INSDraggingDestination, NSDraggingInfo)
DraggingEnded(INSDraggingDestination, NSDraggingInfo)
DraggingEntered(INSDraggingDestination, NSDraggingInfo)
DraggingExited(INSDraggingDestination, NSDraggingInfo)
DraggingUpdated(INSDraggingDestination, NSDraggingInfo)
PerformDragOperation(INSDraggingDestination, NSDraggingInfo)
PrepareForDragOperation(INSDraggingDestination, NSDraggingInfo)
ObjectDidBeginEditing(NSObject, INSEditor)
ObjectDidEndEditing(NSObject, INSEditor)
GetValidModes(NSObject, NSFontPanel)
ValidateToolbarItem(NSObject, NSToolbarItem)
SetTouchBar(NSResponder, NSTouchBar)
RulerViewLocation(NSView, NSRulerView, CGPoint)
RulerViewPoint(NSView, NSRulerView, nfloat)
QuickLookPreviewItems(NSResponder, NSObject)
PerformTextFinderAction(NSResponder, NSObject)
SetIdentifier(INSUserInterfaceItemIdentification, String)
SetAllowedTouchTypes(NSView, NSTouchTypeMask)
AcceptsPreviewPanelControl(NSObject, QLPreviewPanel)
BeginPreviewPanelControl(NSObject, QLPreviewPanel)
EndPreviewPanelControl(NSObject, QLPreviewPanel)

Gets the array of UIAccessibilityCustomRotor objects appropriate for this object.

SetAccessibilityCustomRotors(NSObject, UIAccessibilityCustomRotor[])

Sets the array of UIAccessibilityCustomRotor objects appropriate for this object.

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