MKPolylineView MKPolylineView Class


The visual representation of an MKPolyline. Application developers targeting iOS 7 and later should prefer to use MKPolylineRenderer.

[Foundation.Register("MKPolylineView", true)]
[ObjCRuntime.Deprecated(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.iOS, 7, 0, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.All, "Use 'MKPolylineRenderer' instead.")]
public class MKPolylineView : MapKit.MKOverlayPathView
type MKPolylineView = class
    inherit MKOverlayPathView


Application developers targeting iOS 7 and later should use the higher-performing, better-displaying MKPolylineRenderer class.


MKPolylineView() MKPolylineView()

Default constructor that initializes a new instance of this class with no parameters.

MKPolylineView(CGRect) MKPolylineView(CGRect)

Initializes the MKPolylineView with the specified frame.

MKPolylineView(IntPtr) MKPolylineView(IntPtr)

A constructor used when creating managed representations of unmanaged objects; Called by the runtime.

MKPolylineView(MKPolyline) MKPolylineView(MKPolyline)
MKPolylineView(NSCoder) MKPolylineView(NSCoder)

A constructor that initializes the object from the data stored in the unarchiver object.

MKPolylineView(NSObjectFlag) MKPolylineView(NSObjectFlag)

Constructor to call on derived classes to skip initialization and merely allocate the object.


Appearance Appearance

Strongly-typed property that returns the UIAppearance class for this class.

ClassHandle ClassHandle

The handle for this class.

FillColor FillColor Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
Linecap Linecap Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
LineDashPattern LineDashPattern Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
LineDashPhase LineDashPhase Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
LineJoin LineJoin Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
LineWidth LineWidth Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
MiterLimit MiterLimit Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
Overlay Overlay

The MKOverlay associated with this MKOverlayView.

(Inherited from MKOverlayView)
Path Path Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
Polyline Polyline
StrokeColor StrokeColor Inherited from MKOverlayPathView


AppearanceWhenContainedIn(Type[]) AppearanceWhenContainedIn(Type[])

Returns a strongly typed UIAppearance for instances of this class when the view is hosted in the specified hierarchy.

ApplyFillProperties(CGContext, nfloat) ApplyFillProperties(CGContext, nfloat) Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
ApplyStrokeProperties(CGContext, nfloat) ApplyStrokeProperties(CGContext, nfloat) Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
CanDrawMapRect(MKMapRect, nfloat) CanDrawMapRect(MKMapRect, nfloat)

Returns true if the MKOverlayView has the data it needs to draw properly.

(Inherited from MKOverlayView)
CreatePath() CreatePath() Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
DrawMapRect(MKMapRect, nfloat, CGContext) DrawMapRect(MKMapRect, nfloat, CGContext) Inherited from MKOverlayView
FillPath(CGPath, CGContext) FillPath(CGPath, CGContext) Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
GetAppearance(UITraitCollection) GetAppearance(UITraitCollection)
GetAppearance(UITraitCollection, Type[]) GetAppearance(UITraitCollection, Type[])
GetAppearance<T>() GetAppearance<T>()

Obtains the appearance proxy MKPolylineView.MKPolylineViewAppearance for the subclass of MKPolylineView.

GetAppearance<T>(UITraitCollection) GetAppearance<T>(UITraitCollection)

Obtains the appearance proxy MKPolylineView.MKPolylineViewAppearance for the subclass of MKPolylineView.

GetAppearance<T>(UITraitCollection, Type[]) GetAppearance<T>(UITraitCollection, Type[])

Obtains the appearance proxy MKPolylineView.MKPolylineViewAppearance for the subclass of MKPolylineView that has the specified trait collection when the view is hosted in the specified hierarchy.

InvalidatePath() InvalidatePath() Inherited from MKOverlayPathView
MapPointForPoint(CGPoint) MapPointForPoint(CGPoint)

The MKMapPoint corresponding to the specified point.

(Inherited from MKOverlayView)
MapRectForRect(CGRect) MapRectForRect(CGRect)

The MKMapRect corresponding to the specified rect.

(Inherited from MKOverlayView)
PointForMapPoint(MKMapPoint) PointForMapPoint(MKMapPoint)

Returns a PointF corresponding to the mapPoint.

(Inherited from MKOverlayView)
RectForMapRect(MKMapRect) RectForMapRect(MKMapRect)

Returns a RectangleF in the MKOverlayView's coordinate system corresponding to the mapRect.

(Inherited from MKOverlayView)
SetNeedsDisplay(MKMapRect) SetNeedsDisplay(MKMapRect)

Invalidates the view in the specified mapRect in all zoom scales.

(Inherited from MKOverlayView)
SetNeedsDisplay(MKMapRect, nfloat) SetNeedsDisplay(MKMapRect, nfloat)

Invalidates the view in the specified mapRect at the specified zoomScale.

(Inherited from MKOverlayView)
StrokePath(CGPath, CGContext) StrokePath(CGPath, CGContext) Inherited from MKOverlayPathView

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