Model Model Model Class


A Tabular model created at compatibility level 1200 or above.

public ref class Model sealed : Microsoft::AnalysisServices::Tabular::NamedMetadataObject
public sealed class Model : Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Tabular.NamedMetadataObject
Public NotInheritable Class Model
Inherits NamedMetadataObject


Model() Model() Model()



Annotations Annotations Annotations

Gets the collection object of all annotations in the current Model.

Collation Collation Collation

Gets or sets the collation used on the object.

Culture Culture Culture

Gets or sets the Culture object used for translation scenarios.

Cultures Cultures Cultures

Gets the collection object of all cultures in the current Model.

Database Database Database

Gets the parent Database of the Model object.

DataSources DataSources DataSources

Gets the collection object of all datasources in the current Model.

DefaultDataView DefaultDataView DefaultDataView

Gets or sets the data view type used by default for partitions throughout the model.

DefaultMode DefaultMode DefaultMode

Gets or sets the DefaultMode value inherited by sample and full data view partitions used throughout the model.

Description Description Description

Gets or sets the description of the object.

HasLocalChanges HasLocalChanges HasLocalChanges

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the model has local changes.

IsRemoved IsRemoved IsRemoved

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether this object was removed from an object tree.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)
Model Model Model

Gets the Tabular model of the object.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)
ModifiedTime ModifiedTime ModifiedTime

Gets the time that the object was last modified.

Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name property of the body of an object.

ObjectType ObjectType ObjectType

Gets the type of the object.

Parent Parent Parent

Gets or sets the parent object. Null for Model objects.

Perspectives Perspectives Perspectives

Gets the collection object of all perspectives in the current Model.

Relationships Relationships Relationships

Gets the collection object of all relationships in the current Model.

Roles Roles Roles

Gets the collection object of all roles in the current Model.

Server Server Server

Gets the name of a server object, where the server is an Analysis Services tabular instance.

StorageLocation StorageLocation StorageLocation

Reserved for future use.

Gets or sets the storage location object.

StructureModifiedTime StructureModifiedTime StructureModifiedTime

Gets the date and time when the structure was last modified.

Tables Tables Tables

Gets the collection object of all tables in the current Model.


Clone() Clone() Clone()

Creates a new, full copy of a Model object.

CopyFrom(Model) CopyFrom(Model) CopyFrom(Model)

Deprecated. Use CopyTo method instead.

CopyTo(Model) CopyTo(Model) CopyTo(Model)

Copies a Model object to the specified object.

ExecuteXmla(String) ExecuteXmla(String) ExecuteXmla(String)

Executes an XMLA request and updates the model tree to match model's definition on the Server.

GetCompatLevelRequirementByMembers(String) GetCompatLevelRequirementByMembers(String) GetCompatLevelRequirementByMembers(String)

Default implementation of a compatibility-level requirement calculation.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)
Refresh(RefreshType) Refresh(RefreshType) Refresh(RefreshType)

Deprecated. Use RequestRefresh method instead.

Refresh(RefreshType, ICollection<OverrideCollection>) Refresh(RefreshType, ICollection<OverrideCollection>) Refresh(RefreshType, ICollection<OverrideCollection>)

Deprecated. Use RequestRefresh method instead.

Rename(String) Rename(String) Rename(String)

Deprecated. Use RequestRename method instead.

RequestRefresh(RefreshType) RequestRefresh(RefreshType) RequestRefresh(RefreshType)

Request refresh of this object.

RequestRefresh(RefreshType, ICollection<OverrideCollection>) RequestRefresh(RefreshType, ICollection<OverrideCollection>) RequestRefresh(RefreshType, ICollection<OverrideCollection>)

Request refresh of this object with overrides.

RequestRename(String) RequestRename(String) RequestRename(String)

Request rename of this object.

SaveChanges() SaveChanges() SaveChanges()

Saves the local changes made on the model tree to the version of the model residing in the database on the Server.

SaveChanges(SaveFlags) SaveChanges(SaveFlags) SaveChanges(SaveFlags)

Saves local modifications made on the model tree to the Server.

SaveChanges(SaveOptions) SaveChanges(SaveOptions) SaveChanges(SaveOptions)

Saves local modifications made on model tree to the Server.

Sync() Sync() Sync()

Synchronizes a local copy of the model tree to match the latest version stored on the Analysis Services instance.

UndoLocalChanges() UndoLocalChanges() UndoLocalChanges()

Reverts local changes made on the Model since the last time it was sync'ed with the Server.

Validate() Validate() Validate()

Returns a Validate object.

(Inherited from MetadataObject)

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