ActionDescriptor ActionDescriptor ActionDescriptor Class


public class ActionDescriptor
type ActionDescriptor = class
Public Class ActionDescriptor


ActionDescriptor() ActionDescriptor() ActionDescriptor()


ActionConstraints ActionConstraints ActionConstraints

The set of constraints for this action. Must all be satisfied for the action to be selected.

AttributeRouteInfo AttributeRouteInfo AttributeRouteInfo
BoundProperties BoundProperties BoundProperties

The set of properties which are model bound.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

A friendly name for this action.

EndpointMetadata EndpointMetadata EndpointMetadata

Gets or sets the endpoint metadata for this action.

FilterDescriptors FilterDescriptors FilterDescriptors

The set of filters associated with this action.

Id Id Id

Gets an id which uniquely identifies the action.

Parameters Parameters Parameters

The set of parameters associated with this action.

Properties Properties Properties

Stores arbitrary metadata properties associated with the ActionDescriptor.

RouteValues RouteValues RouteValues

Gets or sets the collection of route values that must be provided by routing for the action to be selected.

Extension Methods

GetProperty<T>(ActionDescriptor) GetProperty<T>(ActionDescriptor) GetProperty<T>(ActionDescriptor)

Gets the value of a property from the Properties collection using the provided value of T as the key.

SetProperty<T>(ActionDescriptor, T) SetProperty<T>(ActionDescriptor, T) SetProperty<T>(ActionDescriptor, T)

Sets the value of an property in the Properties collection using the provided value of T as the key.

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