ValidatorItem ValidatorItem ValidatorItem ValidatorItem Class


Used to associate validators with ValidatorMetadata instances as part of ModelValidatorProviderContext. An IModelValidator should inspect Results and set Validator and IsReusable as appropriate.

public ref class ValidatorItem
public class ValidatorItem
type ValidatorItem = class
Public Class ValidatorItem


ValidatorItem() ValidatorItem() ValidatorItem() ValidatorItem()

Creates a new ValidatorItem.

ValidatorItem(Object) ValidatorItem(Object) ValidatorItem(Object) ValidatorItem(Object)

Creates a new ValidatorItem.


IsReusable IsReusable IsReusable IsReusable

Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not Validator can be reused across requests.

Validator Validator Validator Validator

Gets or sets the IModelValidator.

ValidatorMetadata ValidatorMetadata ValidatorMetadata ValidatorMetadata

Gets the metadata associated with the Validator.

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