PageContext PageContext PageContext PageContext Class


The context associated with the current request for a Razor page.

public ref class PageContext : Microsoft::AspNetCore::Mvc::ActionContext
public class PageContext : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.ActionContext
type PageContext = class
    inherit ActionContext
Public Class PageContext
Inherits ActionContext


PageContext() PageContext() PageContext() PageContext()

Creates an empty PageContext.

PageContext(ActionContext) PageContext(ActionContext) PageContext(ActionContext) PageContext(ActionContext)

Initializes a new instance of PageContext.


ActionDescriptor ActionDescriptor ActionDescriptor ActionDescriptor

Gets or sets the PageActionDescriptor.

HttpContext HttpContext HttpContext HttpContext

Gets or sets the HttpContext for the current request.

(Inherited from ActionContext)
ModelState ModelState ModelState ModelState

Gets the ModelStateDictionary.

(Inherited from ActionContext)
RouteData RouteData RouteData RouteData

Gets or sets the RouteData for the current request.

(Inherited from ActionContext)
ValueProviderFactories ValueProviderFactories ValueProviderFactories ValueProviderFactories

Gets or sets the list of IValueProviderFactory instances for the current request.

ViewData ViewData ViewData ViewData

Gets or sets ViewDataDictionary.

ViewStartFactories ViewStartFactories ViewStartFactories ViewStartFactories

Gets or sets the applicable _ViewStart instances.

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