FeedOptions.ConsistencyLevel Property


Gets or sets the consistency level required for the feed (query/read feed) operation in the Azure Cosmos DB service.

public Nullable<Microsoft.Azure.Documents.ConsistencyLevel> ConsistencyLevel { get; set; }
member this.ConsistencyLevel : Nullable<Microsoft.Azure.Documents.ConsistencyLevel> with get, set
Public Property ConsistencyLevel As Nullable(Of ConsistencyLevel)

Property Value

The consistency level required for the request.


This example uses FeedOptions to override the consistency level to Eventual.

Document doc = client.ReadDocumentFeedAsync(documentLink, new FeedOptions { ConsistencyLevel = ConsistencyLevel.Eventual });


Azure Cosmos DB offers 5 different consistency levels. Strong, Bounded Staleness, Session, Consistent Prefix and Eventual - in order of strongest to weakest consistency. ConnectionPolicy

Azure Cosmos query/DB feed operations may be retrieved from many partitions, each accessed across many round trips. The consistency level is honored only within a partition and round trip.

While this is set at a database account level, Azure Cosmos DB allows a developer to override the default consistency level for each individual request.

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