RequestOptions.OfferEnableRUPerMinuteThroughput Property


Gets or sets the OfferEnableRUPerMinuteThroughput for a collection in the Azure Cosmos DB service

public bool OfferEnableRUPerMinuteThroughput { get; set; }
member this.OfferEnableRUPerMinuteThroughput : bool with get, set
Public Property OfferEnableRUPerMinuteThroughput As Boolean

Property Value

Represents Request Units(RU)/Minute throughput is enabled/disabled for a collection in the Azure Cosmos DB service.


The followng example shows how to create a collection with RU/Minute throughput offer.

await client.CreateDocumentCollectionAsync(
    new DocumentCollection { Id = "newcoll" },
    new RequestOptions { OfferThroughput = 4000, OfferEnableRUPerMinuteThroughput  = true });


This option is only valid when creating a document collection.

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