Project.ToolsVersion Property


Gets or sets the current version of the Toolset being used by the project.

 property System::String ^ ToolsVersion { System::String ^ get(); };
public string ToolsVersion { get; }
member this.ToolsVersion : string
Public ReadOnly Property ToolsVersion As String

Property Value

A string representing the version number of the Toolset.


If the Toolset version is overridden, that value becomes the effective Toolset version. If there is a ToolsVersion attribute on the Project element, then that is the effective Toolset version. Otherwise, the Toolset version is the same as the default Toolset version of the parent engine. When set, ToolsVersion overrides the current Toolset version of the project with the provided value.

For more information about Toolsets, see Standard and Custom Toolset Configurations.


To get or set the ToolsVersion attribute on the Project element, use the DefaultToolsVersion property.

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