VBuffer<T>.GetIndices Method


The indices. For a dense representation, this array is not used, and will return the default "empty" span. For a sparse representation it is parallel to that returned from GetValues() and specifies the logical indices for the corresponding values, in increasing order, between 0 inclusive and Length exclusive, corresponding to all explicitly defined values. All values at unspecified indices should be treated as being implicitly defined with the default value of T.

public ReadOnlySpan<int> GetIndices ();
member this.GetIndices : unit -> ReadOnlySpan<int>
Public Function GetIndices () As ReadOnlySpan(Of Integer)




To give one example, if GetIndices() returns [3, 5] and GetValues()() produces [98, 76], this VBuffer<T> stands for a vector with non-zero values 98 and 76 respectively at the 4th and 6th coordinates, and zeros at all other indices. (Zero, because that is the default value for all .NET numeric types.)

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