MsoShadowType MsoShadowType MsoShadowType Enum


Specifies the type of shadow displayed with a shape.

public enum class MsoShadowType
public enum MsoShadowType
Public Enum MsoShadowType


msoShadow1 msoShadow1 msoShadow1 1

First shadow type.

msoShadow10 msoShadow10 msoShadow10 10

Tenth shadow type.

msoShadow11 msoShadow11 msoShadow11 11

Eleventh shadow type.

msoShadow12 msoShadow12 msoShadow12 12

Twelfth shadow type.

msoShadow13 msoShadow13 msoShadow13 13

Thirteenth shadow type.

msoShadow14 msoShadow14 msoShadow14 14

Fourteenth shadow type.

msoShadow15 msoShadow15 msoShadow15 15

Fifteenth shadow type.

msoShadow16 msoShadow16 msoShadow16 16

Sixteenth shadow type.

msoShadow17 msoShadow17 msoShadow17 17

Seventeenth shadow type.

msoShadow18 msoShadow18 msoShadow18 18

Eighteenth shadow type.

msoShadow19 msoShadow19 msoShadow19 19

Nineteenth shadow type.

msoShadow2 msoShadow2 msoShadow2 2

Second shadow type.

msoShadow20 msoShadow20 msoShadow20 20

Twentieth shadow type.

msoShadow21 msoShadow21 msoShadow21 21

Twenty first shadow type.

msoShadow22 msoShadow22 msoShadow22 22

Twenty second shadow type.

msoShadow23 msoShadow23 msoShadow23 23

Twenty third shadow type.

msoShadow24 msoShadow24 msoShadow24 24

Twenty forth shadow type.

msoShadow25 msoShadow25 msoShadow25 25

Twenty fifth shadow type.

msoShadow26 msoShadow26 msoShadow26 26

Twenty sixth shadow type.

msoShadow27 msoShadow27 msoShadow27 27

Twenty seventh shadow type.

msoShadow28 msoShadow28 msoShadow28 28

Twenty eighth shadow type.

msoShadow29 msoShadow29 msoShadow29 29

Twenty ninth shadow type.

msoShadow3 msoShadow3 msoShadow3 3

Third shadow type.

msoShadow30 msoShadow30 msoShadow30 30

Thirtieth shadow type.

msoShadow31 msoShadow31 msoShadow31 31

Thirty first shadow type.

msoShadow32 msoShadow32 msoShadow32 32

Thirty second shadow type.

msoShadow33 msoShadow33 msoShadow33 33

Thirty third shadow type.

msoShadow34 msoShadow34 msoShadow34 34

Thirty forth shadow type.

msoShadow35 msoShadow35 msoShadow35 35

Thirty fifth shadow type.

msoShadow36 msoShadow36 msoShadow36 36

Thirty sixth shadow type.

msoShadow37 msoShadow37 msoShadow37 37

Thirty seventh shadow type.

msoShadow38 msoShadow38 msoShadow38 38

Thirty eighth shadow type.

msoShadow39 msoShadow39 msoShadow39 39

Thirty ninth shadow type.

msoShadow4 msoShadow4 msoShadow4 4

Fourth shadow type.

msoShadow40 msoShadow40 msoShadow40 40

Fortieth shadow type.

msoShadow41 msoShadow41 msoShadow41 41

Forty first shadow type.

msoShadow42 msoShadow42 msoShadow42 42

Forty second shadow type.

msoShadow43 msoShadow43 msoShadow43 43

Forty third shadow type.

msoShadow5 msoShadow5 msoShadow5 5

Fifth shadow type.

msoShadow6 msoShadow6 msoShadow6 6

Sixth shadow type.

msoShadow7 msoShadow7 msoShadow7 7

Seventh shadow type.

msoShadow8 msoShadow8 msoShadow8 8

Eighth shadow type.

msoShadow9 msoShadow9 msoShadow9 9

Ninth shadow type.

msoShadowMixed msoShadowMixed msoShadowMixed -2

Not supported.


The MsoShadowType constants are numbered according to their order (left to right, top to bottom) within the Shadow Style set shown in the Drawing toolbar.

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