_OlkTimeZoneControl _OlkTimeZoneControl _OlkTimeZoneControl Interface


This is a primary interface in a COM coclass that is required by managed code for interoperability with the corresponding COM object. Use this primary interface only when the method you want to use shares the same name as an event of the COM object; in this case, cast to this interface to call the method, and cast to the latest events interface to connect to the event. Otherwise, use the .NET interface that is derived from the COM coclass to access methods, properties, and events of the COM object. For information about the COM object, see Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.OlkTimeZone.

public interface class _OlkTimeZoneControl
public interface _OlkTimeZoneControl
Public Interface _OlkTimeZoneControl


AppointmentTimeField AppointmentTimeField AppointmentTimeField

Returns or sets an OlAppointmentTimeField constant that specifies the time field on the appointment that the control binds against. Read/write.

BorderStyle BorderStyle BorderStyle

Returns or sets an OlBorderStyle constant that defines the style of the border around the control. Read/write.

Enabled Enabled Enabled

Returns or sets a Boolean (bool in C#) that indicates if the control is allowed to function. Read/write.

Locked Locked Locked

Returns or sets a Boolean (bool in C#) that specifies whether or not the control is locked from being changed. Read/write.

MouseIcon MouseIcon MouseIcon

Returns or sets a StdPicture that represents the custom picture to the mouse cursor for this control. Read/write.

MousePointer MousePointer MousePointer

Returns or sets an OlMousePointer constant that specifies the type of pointer displayed when the user positions the mouse over the control. Read/write.

SelectedTimeZoneIndex SelectedTimeZoneIndex SelectedTimeZoneIndex

Returns or sets an Integer (int in C#) that represents index into the TimeZones collection that determines the selected time zone. Read/write.

Value Value Value

Returns or sets an Object that represents the content of the control. Read/write.


DropDown() DropDown() DropDown()

Expands the drop-down portion of the time zone control.

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