IDTSComponentMetaData100.AreInputColumnsValid IDTSComponentMetaData100.AreInputColumnsValid IDTSComponentMetaData100.AreInputColumnsValid Property


Gets a value that indicates whether the input columns in an IDTSComponentMetaData100 reference existing columns from the upstream component.

 property bool AreInputColumnsValid { bool get(); };
[get: System.Runtime.InteropServices.DispId(117)]
public bool AreInputColumnsValid { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property AreInputColumnsValid As Boolean

Property Value

true if the input columns in the IDTSInputColumnCollection100 reference upstream columns; otherwise, false.


An invalid input column is a column whose LineageID property does not match the LineageID of an IDTSOutputColumn100 in the IDTSOutput100 of the upstream component.

This method checks each of the IDTSInput100 objects in the IDTSComponentMetaData100 for the existence of invalid columns. If found, the RemoveInvalidInputColumns method can be called to automatically remove the invalid columns.

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