IDTSInput100 IDTSInput100 IDTSInput100 IDTSInput100 Interface


Contains the collection of columns that represents the data provided to a component in the form of PipelineBuffer objects at run time.

public interface class IDTSInput100 : Microsoft::SqlServer::Dts::Pipeline::Wrapper::IDTSObject100
[System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibType(System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDual | System.Runtime.InteropServices.TypeLibTypeFlags.FDispatchable)]
public interface IDTSInput100 : Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper.IDTSObject100
type IDTSInput100 = interface
    interface IDTSObject100
Public Interface IDTSInput100
Implements IDTSObject100


The following code example demonstrates a component adding an input to its collection in the ProvideComponentProperties method.

using System;  
using Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline;  
public class DtsSampleComponent : PipelineComponent  
public override void ProvideComponentProperties()  
IDTSInput100 input = ComponentMetaData.InputCollection.New();  
input.Name = "SampleComponentInput0";  
Imports System   
Imports Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline   
Public Class DtsSampleComponent   
Inherits PipelineComponent   
 Public Overloads Overrides Sub ProvideComponentProperties()   
   Dim input As IDTSInput100 = ComponentMetaData.InputCollection.New   
   input.Name = "SampleComponentInput0"   
 End Sub   
End Class  


The IDTSInput100 object represents a connection point between two components, and, when connected to the IDTSOutput100 of an upstream component, establishes the flow of data between components. A connection between an IDTSInput100 and an IDTSOutput100 is established through the IDTSPath100 object. The input represents the EndPoint property of the IDTSPath100 object.

At design time, the columns in the IDTSOutputColumnCollection100 of the output that the input is connected to are selected for use by the component. These columns are then available to the component during component execution.


AreInputColumnsAssociatedWithOutputColumns AreInputColumnsAssociatedWithOutputColumns AreInputColumnsAssociatedWithOutputColumns AreInputColumnsAssociatedWithOutputColumns

Gets whether the input columns are associated with output columns.

Buffer Buffer Buffer Buffer

Gets the ID of a PipelineBuffer that is allocated for an IDTSInput100 object and provided to the component in the ProcessInput(Int32, PipelineBuffer) method.

BufferBase BufferBase BufferBase BufferBase

Gets the abstract base class of the IDTSInput100.

Component Component Component Component

Gets the IDTSComponentMetaData100 object of an IDTSInput100 object.

CustomPropertyCollection CustomPropertyCollection CustomPropertyCollection CustomPropertyCollection

Gets the IDTSCustomPropertyCollection100 object of an IDTSInput100 object.

Dangling Dangling Dangling Dangling

Gets or sets a value that notifies the data flow engine that the input can be unattached.

Description Description Description Description

Gets or sets the description of an IDTSInput100 object.

ErrorOrTruncationOperation ErrorOrTruncationOperation ErrorOrTruncationOperation ErrorOrTruncationOperation

Gets or sets a String that specifies the types of errors or truncations that can occur while processing a PipelineBuffer row.

ErrorRowDisposition ErrorRowDisposition ErrorRowDisposition ErrorRowDisposition

Gets or sets a value from a DTSRowDisposition enumeration that specifies how the component will handle error conditions that occur when processing a row from a PipelineBuffer object.

ExternalMetadataColumnCollection ExternalMetadataColumnCollection ExternalMetadataColumnCollection ExternalMetadataColumnCollection

Gets the collection of columns that reflects the columns in an external data source, which are used to validate an IDTSInputColumnCollection100 when the component is not connected to the external data source.

HasSideEffects HasSideEffects HasSideEffects HasSideEffects

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether a data flow component should be removed or remain in the execution plan of a data flow task when its output is not attached to a downstream component and when the RunInOptimizedMode property of the Data Flow task is true.


Gets or sets the identifier of an IDTSInput100 object.

IdentificationString IdentificationString IdentificationString IdentificationString

Gets a String that uniquely identifies an IDTSInput100 object.

InputColumnCollection InputColumnCollection InputColumnCollection InputColumnCollection

Gets the IDTSInputColumnCollection100 of an IDTSInput100 object.

IsAttached IsAttached IsAttached IsAttached

Gets a value that indicates if an IDTSInput100 is attached to an upstream component through an IDTSPath100 object.

IsSorted IsSorted IsSorted IsSorted

Gets a value that indicates whether the columns in an IDTSInputColumnCollection100 are sorted.

Name Name Name Name

Gets or sets the name of an IDTSInput100 object.

ObjectType ObjectType ObjectType ObjectType

Gets the DTSObjectType of an IDTSInput100 object.

SourceLocale SourceLocale SourceLocale SourceLocale

Gets the locale for an IDTSInput100 object.

TruncationRowDisposition TruncationRowDisposition TruncationRowDisposition TruncationRowDisposition

Gets or sets a value that determines how the component handles truncations that occur while processing rows from a PipelineBuffer.


GetVirtualInput() GetVirtualInput() GetVirtualInput() GetVirtualInput()

Gets the IDTSVirtualInput100 object of an IDTSInput100 object.

SuggestNameBasedLineageIDMappings(Int32[], Int32[]) SuggestNameBasedLineageIDMappings(Int32[], Int32[]) SuggestNameBasedLineageIDMappings(Int32[], Int32[]) SuggestNameBasedLineageIDMappings(Int32[], Int32[])

Suggests a name based lineage identifier mappings.

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