DTSForcedExecResult Enum


Specifies the execution result of a container when the container's ForceExecutionValue is set to true.

public enum class DTSForcedExecResult
public enum DTSForcedExecResult
type DTSForcedExecResult = 
Public Enum DTSForcedExecResult


Completion 2

The execution result is set to Completion.

Failure 1

The execution result is set to Failure.

None -1

The execution result is set to None. The event handler returns the actual execution result; the result is not forced.

Success 0

The execution result is set to Success.


The following code example creates a new package, and explicitly sets the ForceExecutionResult on the Package to Failure.

Package pkg = new Package();  
Pkg.ForceExecutionResult = DTSForcedExecResult.Failure;  
Dim pkg As Package = New Package()   
Pkg.ForceExecutionResult = DTSForcedExecResult.Failure  


This enumeration is available to containers that need to force a specific execution result. You can use the ForceExecutionResult property on a container to test the use of checkpoints in a package. By setting ForceExecutionResult of a task or container to Failure, you can imitate real-time failure. When you rerun the package, failed task and containers will be rerun.

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