EmptyEnumerator EmptyEnumerator EmptyEnumerator EmptyEnumerator Class


Provides an empty enumerator that is returned by the Integration Services runtime when there are no elements in the collection to enumerate over.

public ref class EmptyEnumerator sealed : System::Collections::IEnumerator
public sealed class EmptyEnumerator : System.Collections.IEnumerator
type EmptyEnumerator = class
    interface IEnumerator
Public NotInheritable Class EmptyEnumerator
Implements IEnumerator


An EmptyEnumerator returns false on the first call to MoveNext, which tells you that the enumerator is at the end of its collection.


EmptyEnumerator() EmptyEnumerator() EmptyEnumerator() EmptyEnumerator()

Initializes a new instance of the EmptyEnumerator class.


Current Current Current Current

Raises an error that indicates an empty enumerator.


MoveNext() MoveNext() MoveNext() MoveNext()

Advances the enumerator to the next element of the collection. The EmptyEnumerator returns false for this method, because there is no object to move to in the empty collection.

Reset() Reset() Reset() Reset()

Sets the enumerator to its initial position, which is before the first element in the collection.

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