IDTSComponentPersist IDTSComponentPersist IDTSComponentPersist Interface


Allows properties and settings for components and tasks to be saved and loaded from the package XML.

public interface class IDTSComponentPersist
public interface IDTSComponentPersist
Public Interface IDTSComponentPersist


Integration Services packages are saved as XML documents and contain information that describes their objects, properties, and settings. When the run-time engine saves a package, the tasks contained by the package are automatically saved, but with only a limited amount of information. This information includes task creation properties and properties of the TaskHost object that wrap the task.

When writing a custom task, you must implement the IDTSComponentPersist interface to allow your custom task to save custom properties and settings in the package XML.


LoadFromXML(XmlElement, IDTSInfoEvents) LoadFromXML(XmlElement, IDTSInfoEvents) LoadFromXML(XmlElement, IDTSInfoEvents)

Loads component information from XML.

SaveToXML(XmlDocument, IDTSInfoEvents) SaveToXML(XmlDocument, IDTSInfoEvents) SaveToXML(XmlDocument, IDTSInfoEvents)

Saves a component to XML. Tasks and containers implement this method.

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