ObjectReferenceTracker.SetListInfo(Int32, String, String) ObjectReferenceTracker.SetListInfo(Int32, String, String) ObjectReferenceTracker.SetListInfo(Int32, String, String) Method


This method allows you to provide metadata for an existing reference list.

 void SetListInfo(int refListID, System::String ^ usageLocation, System::String ^ usageDescription);
public void SetListInfo (int refListID, string usageLocation, string usageDescription);
Public Sub SetListInfo (refListID As Integer, usageLocation As String, usageDescription As String)


Int32 Int32 Int32

The list ID in which the object is currently located.

String String String

The location where the object is used.

String String String

A description that explains where the object is being used.


After a new reference list is created, this method should be used to set the initial metadata. It is unlikely that the usageLocation property will change, but it possible to update both usageLocation and usageDescription properties as often as necessary.

The usageLocation is usually the name of the task or component that owns the list. This usageDescription is intended to give more detailed descriptions of how the objects in the list are used.

The refListID parameter is created when the list is newly generated using the AddReference method. The AddReference method returns to you a refListID, and it contains the ID of the newly created list. This returned refListID can be used in subsequent calls to add more references to the same list, remove references to the list, destroy a list, or when using the SetListInfo method.

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