ParameterInfo ParameterInfo ParameterInfo Class


Represents a read only copy of the parameter information so that applications can get parameter information without having to load the whole package object.

public ref class ParameterInfo sealed
public sealed class ParameterInfo
Public NotInheritable Class ParameterInfo


CreationName CreationName CreationName

Gets the name used to create the ParameterInfo object.

DataType DataType DataType

Gets the data type of the ParameterInfo object.

Description Description Description

Gets the description of the ParameterInfo object.


Gets the identifier of the ParameterInfo object which is a GUID.

IncludeInDebugDump IncludeInDebugDump IncludeInDebugDump

Gets a value that indicates whether the variable value for a user-defined variable or a system variable is included in the debug dump files.

Name Name Name

Gets the name of the ParameterInfo object.

Required Required Required

Gets a value that indicates whether the current parameter is a required parameter. If this value is true, a value must be assigned before a project or package can be executed.

Sensitive Sensitive Sensitive

Gets a value that indicates whether the current parameter contains a sensitive value. If this value is true, the project or package containing this parameter must be encrypted before saved to any kind of storages.

Value Value Value

Gets the value of the parameter object.

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