ConnectionSecurityContext ConnectionSecurityContext ConnectionSecurityContext ConnectionSecurityContext Class


Represents information you use when you connect to Microsoft SQL Server.

public ref class ConnectionSecurityContext sealed : Microsoft::SqlServer::Replication::IConnectionSecurityContext
public sealed class ConnectionSecurityContext : Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.IConnectionSecurityContext
type ConnectionSecurityContext = class
    interface IConnectionSecurityContext
Public NotInheritable Class ConnectionSecurityContext
Implements IConnectionSecurityContext


A security context is the combination of the authentication mode and, if you use SQL Server Authentication, the SQL Server login and password. When possible, use Windows Authentication.

This namespace, class, or member is supported only in the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0.


ConnectionSecurityContext() ConnectionSecurityContext() ConnectionSecurityContext() ConnectionSecurityContext()

Initializes a new instance of the ConnectionSecurityContext class.


SecureSqlStandardPassword SecureSqlStandardPassword SecureSqlStandardPassword SecureSqlStandardPassword

Gets or sets the password when using SQL Server Authentication.

SqlStandardLogin SqlStandardLogin SqlStandardLogin SqlStandardLogin

Gets or sets the login used with SQL Server Authentication.

SqlStandardPassword SqlStandardPassword SqlStandardPassword SqlStandardPassword

Gets or sets the password for the login required for SQL Server Authentication.

WindowsAuthentication WindowsAuthentication WindowsAuthentication WindowsAuthentication

Gets or sets the Boolean property that specifies whether the connection is made by using Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.


Update() Update() Update() Update()

Updates schedule fields associated with the connection security context.

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