IdentityRangeInfo IdentityRangeInfo IdentityRangeInfo IdentityRangeInfo Class


Structure that represents identity range management settings for a published article when the source table contains identity columns.

public ref class IdentityRangeInfo sealed
public sealed class IdentityRangeInfo
type IdentityRangeInfo = class
Public NotInheritable Class IdentityRangeInfo


IdentityRangeInfo also contains information about current identity properties of a published object.

This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Microsoft Visual Basic) members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.


IdentityRangeInfo() IdentityRangeInfo() IdentityRangeInfo() IdentityRangeInfo()

Creates a new instance of the IdentityRangeInfo class.


CurrentIdentityValue CurrentIdentityValue CurrentIdentityValue CurrentIdentityValue

Gets or sets the last identity value generated.

IdentityIncrement IdentityIncrement IdentityIncrement IdentityIncrement

Gets or sets the increment value.

IdentityRangeManagementOption IdentityRangeManagementOption IdentityRangeManagementOption IdentityRangeManagementOption

Gets or sets the identity range management options used by replication.

IdentityRangeThreshold IdentityRangeThreshold IdentityRangeThreshold IdentityRangeThreshold

Gets or sets the value that determines when a new identity range is assigned to the Publisher or Subscriber.

InRepublishing InRepublishing InRepublishing InRepublishing

Gets or sets whether the article exists at a republishing Subscriber in a merge replication topology.

MaximumIdentityValue MaximumIdentityValue MaximumIdentityValue MaximumIdentityValue

Gets or sets the maximum value of the identity column.

NextStartingSeed NextStartingSeed NextStartingSeed NextStartingSeed

Gets the starting point of the next range if automatic identity range is enabled.

PublisherIdentityRangeSize PublisherIdentityRangeSize PublisherIdentityRangeSize PublisherIdentityRangeSize

Gets or sets the identity range size of a published table at the Publisher for transactional replication, or at a republishing Subscriber for merge replication.

SubscriberIdentityRangeSize SubscriberIdentityRangeSize SubscriberIdentityRangeSize SubscriberIdentityRangeSize

Gets or sets the identity range size of a table at the Subscriber for transactional replication, or at both the Publisher and Subscriber for merge replication.

TablePublished TablePublished TablePublished TablePublished

Gets or sets whether the table is published in an existing publication.

UserData UserData UserData UserData

Gets or sets an object property value that allows users to attach their own data to this object.

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