NeedsCopyConstructorModifier NeedsCopyConstructorModifier NeedsCopyConstructorModifier NeedsCopyConstructorModifier Class



This API is now obsolete.

A custom modifier applied to parameters that tells the CLR marshaler to call the parameter's copy constructor when marshaling the parameter.

public ref class NeedsCopyConstructorModifier sealed
[System.Obsolete("Microsoft.VisualC.dll is an obsolete assembly and exists only for backwards compatibility.")]
public sealed class NeedsCopyConstructorModifier
type NeedsCopyConstructorModifier = class
Public NotInheritable Class NeedsCopyConstructorModifier


NeedsCopyConstructorModifier() NeedsCopyConstructorModifier() NeedsCopyConstructorModifier() NeedsCopyConstructorModifier()

Initializes a new instance of the NeedsCopyConstructorModifier class.


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