PipelineState PipelineState PipelineState PipelineState Enum


Specifies the current execution status of the request process.

public enum class PipelineState
public enum PipelineState
type PipelineState = 
Public Enum PipelineState


AcquireRequestState AcquireRequestState AcquireRequestState AcquireRequestState 32

IIS 7 acquired the state for a request.

AuthenticateRequest AuthenticateRequest AuthenticateRequest AuthenticateRequest 2

IIS 7 authenticated a request.

AuthorizeRequest AuthorizeRequest AuthorizeRequest AuthorizeRequest 4

IIS 7 authorized a request.

BeginRequest BeginRequest BeginRequest BeginRequest 1

IIS 7 began processing a request.

EndRequest EndRequest EndRequest EndRequest 2048

IIS 7 ended a request.

ExecuteRequestHandler ExecuteRequestHandler ExecuteRequestHandler ExecuteRequestHandler 128

IIS 7 executed a request handler.

LogRequest LogRequest LogRequest LogRequest 1024

IIS 7 logged the request.

MapRequestHandler MapRequestHandler MapRequestHandler MapRequestHandler 16

IIS 7 mapped the request handler.

PreExecuteRequestHandler PreExecuteRequestHandler PreExecuteRequestHandler PreExecuteRequestHandler 64

IIS 7 executed a request handler.

ReleaseRequestState ReleaseRequestState ReleaseRequestState ReleaseRequestState 256

IIS 7 released the state for a request.

ResolveRequestCache ResolveRequestCache ResolveRequestCache ResolveRequestCache 8

IIS 7 satisfied a request from the cache.

SendResponse SendResponse SendResponse SendResponse 536870912

IIS 7 sent a response. The event that is associated with this pipeline state is nondeterministic.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

IIS 7 is in an unknown state.

UpdateRequestCache UpdateRequestCache UpdateRequestCache UpdateRequestCache 512

IIS 7 updated the cache.


Each value in this enumeration, except for Unknown, corresponds to an event in the IIS 7 integrated request-processing pipeline. The Microsoft.Web.Administration.Request.PipelineState property gets its value from this enumeration.

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