SectionDefinition SectionDefinition SectionDefinition SectionDefinition Class


Defines a configuration section.

public ref class SectionDefinition sealed
public sealed class SectionDefinition
type SectionDefinition = class
Public NotInheritable Class SectionDefinition


The following example shows how to define a configuration section and to define settings for that section.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using Microsoft.Web.Administration;
using Microsoft.Web.Management;

namespace AdministrationSnippets
    public class AdministrationSectionDefinition
        // List all configuration sections in applicationHost.config
        public void ShowAllSections()
            ServerManager manager = new ServerManager();
            SectionGroup rootGroup = 
            ShowGroup(rootGroup, -1);


        private void ShowGroup(SectionGroup group, int indentLevel)
            Console.Write("".PadLeft(++indentLevel, ' '));
            string grpName = String.IsNullOrEmpty(group.Name) ? "{root}" : group.Name;
            Console.WriteLine("+ Section Group: {0}; Sub-groups: {1}; Sections: {2}",
                grpName, group.SectionGroups.Count, group.Sections.Count);

            foreach (SectionGroup grp in group.SectionGroups)
                ShowGroup(grp, indentLevel);

            string path = String.Concat(group.Name, "/");

            foreach (SectionDefinition def in group.Sections)
                Console.Write("".PadLeft(indentLevel, ' '));
                Console.WriteLine("|_Name:                {0}", String.Concat(path,def.Name));
                Console.Write("".PadLeft(indentLevel, ' '));
                Console.WriteLine("|_AllowDefinition:     {0}", def.AllowDefinition);
                Console.Write("".PadLeft(indentLevel, ' '));
                Console.WriteLine("|_AllowLocation:       {0}", def.AllowLocation);
                Console.Write("".PadLeft(indentLevel, ' '));
                Console.WriteLine("|_OverrideModeDefault: {0}", def.OverrideModeDefault);
                Console.Write("".PadLeft(indentLevel, ' '));
                Console.WriteLine("|_Type:                {0}\r\n", 
                    String.IsNullOrEmpty(def.Type) ? "null" : def.Type);



Declaring a configuration section defines a new element for the configuration file. The new element contains settings that a configuration section handler reads. The attributes and child elements of a section you define depend on the section handler you use to read your settings.

The following <configuration> element contains an example of the <section> element that the SectionDefinition class represents.



<section name="sampleSection"




<sampleSection setting1="Value1" setting2="value two"

setting3="third value" />



AllowDefinition AllowDefinition AllowDefinition AllowDefinition

Gets or sets a value indicating valid configuration path locations for the configuration section.

AllowLocation AllowLocation AllowLocation AllowLocation

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the configuration section allows the location attribute.

Name Name Name Name

Gets the name of the current configuration section definition.

OverrideModeDefault OverrideModeDefault OverrideModeDefault OverrideModeDefault

Gets or sets the default override behavior for the current configuration section.

RequirePermission RequirePermission RequirePermission RequirePermission
Type Type Type Type

Gets or sets the type name of a class that implements the configuration section and can interpret the persisted XML.

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