ReportingService2010.ItemNamespaceHeaderValue ReportingService2010.ItemNamespaceHeaderValue ReportingService2010.ItemNamespaceHeaderValue Property


The value that represents the identifier used to retrieve item properties.

 property ReportService2010::ItemNamespaceHeader ^ ItemNamespaceHeaderValue { ReportService2010::ItemNamespaceHeader ^ get(); void set(ReportService2010::ItemNamespaceHeader ^ value); };
public ReportService2010.ItemNamespaceHeader ItemNamespaceHeaderValue { get; set; }
Public Property ItemNamespaceHeaderValue As ItemNamespaceHeader

Property Value

An ItemNamespaceHeader object encapsulating the identifier used to retrieve item properties.


This property only applies to native mode.

You can use the ItemNamespaceHeaderValue property of the Web service to retrieve item properties based on two different item identifiers: the full path name of the item or the ID of the item. For more information, see Setting the Item Namespace for the GetProperties Method.

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